Vin Diesel

  • Vin Diesel doesn’t buy computers. He goes down to the beach and takes a handful of sand and crushes it in his fist until it’s a dual-core processor.
  • Vin Diesel invented the ThunderDome
  • Vin Diesel once defied MC Hammer and touched it.
  • Vin Diesel doesn’t have to do a thing for a Klondike Bar.
  • Vin Diesel NEVER walks. He has tiny bugs under his feet that carry him around.
  • Vin Diesel is the 24th element of the Periodic Table.
  • You are what you eat. That is why Vin Diesel’s diet consists entirely of bricks, steel, and the tears of small children.
  • Vin Diesel is one of the ingredients of dynamite.
  • For breakfast, Vin Diesel has two poached eggs and a minivan.
  • Vin Diesel was the hunter who shot Bambi’s Mother. He then wore her carcass like it was a coat while he made his rounds at the local children’s hospital.
  • Vin Diesel doesn’t use Listerine, he sets his mouth on fire.
  • Vin Diesel cooks meat by staring at it.
  • Vin Diesel no longer has to breathe air, he instead runs on a mixture of scotch, beer, and pork rinds that he takes in about twice a week.
  • Vin Diesel first used the phrase “hungry enough to eat a horse” after he devoured every unicorn in existence.
  • Armageddon will occur when Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris touch each other.
  • Vin Diesel can smell what The Rock is cooking.
  • Vin Diesel is 72% badass and 28% cornbread.
  • Vin Diesel is actually Race Bannon’s lost son.

Into the Wild

Last night I saw the film, “Into the Wild.” It is a stirring and beautiful look into human frailty.

My thoughts raced across desire to follow this guy into the wild freedom of selfishness. Then I hold dearly on to the relevancy I have bee given as a part of this system and the relationships I am blessed with.

A line that stabbed me in the heart…Real joy is shared with others.

Community, relationships, and joy are all connected. We are all connected. The differences do not fucking matter. The similarities do not fucking matter. Presence and vulnerability matters. Present and engaging is what we all desire. This is a marker of humanity. It s that hunger ones feels at midnight alone in the bed of your loved one as you panic-stricken look to God for answers of truth, hope, love, and why.

What does life mean and why do I participate?

Real joy is shared with others.

This is the human theme of the Bible.

This is what I hunger for, real joy shared with others.

This is at the nexus of the changing paradigm of ministry.

We are called to feed the sheep. Feed the sheep. Feed the sheep. Real joy is shared.

Empire Bush

I am watching the presidential news conference currently. When asked about Putin’s statement that when his presidency ends that he will run or become Prime Minister, effectively keeping power. Bush commented that he was planning the same thing.

This guy is fucking scary! I bet he is not joking. I bet he moves to attack Iran as to keep power. The guy is wagging war all over the world in the name of justice and truth. Whose justice and whose truth is he speaking for?

I am sad about our current political circumstance. I have never felt so distant and fearful of our government than today. I wish we had a government that represented the people and was transparent. We are worse than most developing nations that openly support warlords and wars.

Bush is so distant from reality! He is stammering and stuttering. He makes on sense and rambles. He deflects questions and when asked a pointed question regarding the war or war on terror he babbles and rants, but ever answers the question. He speaks for the American people? Not me. I d not want the shit he says I want. I am an American person.

God help us!!! Seriously, please touch our hearts and convict us that we are not the bearers and possessors of truth. May we sacrifice truly from obligation to you and not in charity to obtain power.

WTFWJD…some more

I am in my last year at seminary, unless something goes awry. It has dawned on me that I am not too sure of what I want to do [or feel called to do] upon my assumed graduation. I am uninspired and unengaged currently. I feel called to ministry. I want to pursue this call. I am just burned out in the process. I feel isolated from the system and frustrated by the hoops we have to navigate on the way to ordination.

I have just hit the up swing from my bout with the pneumonia, which coincided with the first week of classes. Am still rather tired and now much more overwhelmed than normal. This must be accounted for as I write this. But alas I am tired. I read many books on post modern religious application and seek to be a light or perhaps a better term a lightning rod for change in the denomination.

We are doing wonderful things. I just wonder where the transformation is. Where is the radical love present in the gospel. I hear all the time the need for something new. Yet folks are fearful of putting themselves out there as transparent, vessels of God’s undying g love. We have to answer the call to love, the call to justice, and the call to radical transformation from the bondage of the status quo!

As I near graduation and the possible venture into ministry I am growing convicted of the need to challenge the system and F’ stuff up. The church is so afraid of dying IT WILL DIE! Is this not what we are called to do? Are we not to die unto Christ?

This is when I resort to my favorite Acronym comes into place, WTFWJD?

The expletive f@%k is the only adjective I can think of that is appropriate when I think about or failure to do and our zeal to do not. We need to earnestly move to reconciliation with a desperate longing fit for an outsider. Cause folks we are outsiders looking into righteousness. GOD HELP US ALL.

When I was a little kid…

Have you ever really tried to remember something as far back as you could from your childhood?

I don’t try this often. When I do I am usually stopped at my four-year-old self on Halloween. We lived in San Fernando, California at the time with my brother, mom and dad. My maternal grandmother was there handing out candy for a large bowl. That was normally used to mix cake batter.

We are about to be put to bed after an evening of costumed goodness. And BOOM!!! A truck collides into a wrought iron fence and a man is injured. I remember my dad running outside to aid in extracting this man. The sirens and lights flashing about. I was scared and hid under a chair in the living room just out of reach from the scene, but close enough to watch over my dad.

I then recall a mummy. I am not sure if the mummy was the man or a costumed person helping. They cut the fence down and took the man away to the hospital. I went to sleep and the memories faded.

I asked my father about this memory and a few others that I hold. He regretfully informed me that the truck thing on Halloween night never happened. So the saddest part to this is that the earliest memory I hold is not true. Hmmm?

I got to thinking about this…

What are memories? Moments of the past that follow us into the future? How much truth do memories contain? Does it matter is a memory such as the one I shared is not factual? It was informative to my four-year-old self and in some way informs the man I am today.

I look to the revelation of my depravity and see this as the condition that prevents memories from being utterly imbued with truth. Let alone memories from a child. As we develop we encounter life. We all have those memories of the “cool kids” that filled the parks we played in, standing around or babysitting us. The funny thing is these moments are complex forms of nothingness. It is not as it seems.

What I see is not what you see. What I remember is not what you remember. Memories are a marker of truths deeper than corporate experience. Memories are a vehicle to experiencing God.

Memories take us on a journey to encounter. We remember God in our life. As we do we are drawn near. Just as the Israelites did as they remembered, as Hindus do to remember, and as Christians hold hope in remembering the promise of Jesus Christ. Memories bring us to God and allow us to engage in the divine.

Memories are divine and unique. Just as the memories we have as children they are wild and full of imagination. So to ti the divine as the divine exceeds our understanding. We are small as God is great. But if you can remember we are all part of the great as the divine is within us. Your awareness of this, your perception of the presence of God in your life is linked to memories.

Perception shapes our memories and as we grow our perception changes. So too our perception changes as we become more intimate and nearer to God. The creation you are one day will not be the creation you are on another. This is our condition and the only cure is grace. To engage the divine we need to be vulnerable, open, and intimate to God so that we may remember and take with us memories of Gods presence with creation.

Dark Night of the Soul…

I am reading an article in Time regarding Mother Teresa. It has stirried in me a comfort and affliction. I have often wondered if my prayers and pleas to the Lord have been heard. I move forward accepting in faith that I in fact am communicating with God.
This article moved me to rethink the understanding of what faith is. Does faith require a response? You know, when I pray for something and do not get it exactly as I have sought does the Lord ignore me. I have chalked this up to inappropriate prayer or a need to lessen my pride. Now this perplexes me as I move forward towards ministry. I have fought the call on my life to enter ministry. I still seek ways to sabotage myself here in seminary. I worry about my committee, my congregation, my friends, and my family. Do they see a true call on my life? I worry that if they knew the vile and wicked machine running my “righteous” ways I shall be proclaimed a charlatan. Then I am left with debt and nothing else but a shattered faith.
Is the root of faith service in hope of grace and works proclaiming the love of Christ? I must move forward. To abandon hope now would leave me with too many questions. I must trust, not due to a profound anything on my part. Say a desperate need to understand and serve God. Mother Teresa served with Godly love. In her 50 years of darkness she questioned, doubted, and pleaded. She no doubt is loved by many and admired bu many more. It is not for our accolades that we are welcomed into the Kingdom. It is for relationship. Sometimes our partner speaks to us and we only ear what we want to. Beloved Creator, help me with my unbelief. Penetrate my soul so that I may have passion, impatience, desire, and vulnerability to you. May I love you more than…
More than….?………………I pray I am not doing any of this for my pride and pleasure. I say not for my glory and in my heart I covet praise and adoration. I fear and loath the success of others. I seethe in anger that I am not like they or them. I want to pray for the gift you gave Mother Teresa, but I am afraid of what it will cost. I type this as the rich young ruler. I am ashamed and know that today I cannot give what you require. For this I understand you as silent.

please read the article.

I.M. Hungry

I am not a country in Europe. I am a guy that is craving tacos, pizza, or mac & cheese. I have been thinking tonight about the hunger I witnessed and felt in East Africa. How many of us truly understand hunger, when we say we are starving. What an affront to those brothers and sisters that die daily due to lack of food. I for one am convicted in taking my language of privileged out of circulation.

Beloved Lord, be with those that have as we hoard and hold wealth and do not fairly distribute to those that do not have. Sooth the hearts of the hungry. Bring peace to those that have no home. Give hope to those that we walk over to be American. Forgive us of what we have done and what we have left undone. Fashion us a people of justice, mercy, compassion, and grace. Crush the grievous consumer in our hearts that prevent us from drawing near you. Create in us a desire to be courageous, honest, vulnerable, and meek. May we offer up our lives as a living sacrifice to your truth and love. Let us love as you love. Let us accept as you accept. Let us serve as you serve. Be with us know as we fall before you in faith and thanksgiving. In the name of the comforter of all, the redeemer of creation, Jesus Christ. Amen

Another rough night

I am awake on my bed with a dull mind and a strong fear that I am full of shit and God is so beyond my understanding that I kid myself to numb reality.

I tremble at the thought of nothingness.

I hope I can rest and stop these thoughts.

I drift off to sleep wondering if death is anything like…