Mustache & Mullet Party!!!

Tonight MF Dees and I were wax poetic about the lack of a keg at the recent festivities of fall. Mostly we plunged head long into the envy of McCormick and their keg that attended a party for thirsty seminarians.

On a side if I do a D.Min. I shall do it at McCormick. I am just sayin’ beer is good with theology and sausage.

So as we frothed at the mouth for a little chicken dance and lederhosen an idea arrived in glorious fashion!

A party to end all parties! The mother of all parties! A themed party with a theme and stuff! We will throw a costume party. No pimps and hoes here!!! No! Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that on December 01, 2007 there shall be an event that will go down in the annuls of history for ringing in joy and bringing out the funk.

The First Annual Mustache & Mullet Party, benefiting the senior class of Austin Seminary.

That is right folks set your colander on stun and come one come all to the party. To gain entrance you must sport a mustache or mullet. No one will be admitted absent of the furry fair.

The time and place shall follow. The date is set, December 01, 2007 after the Polity Bowl. Maybe we will have a rematch with the ETSS folks or a game of Charlton Heston?