Movies I have watched here in Oklahoma

  1. A Guide to Recognizing your Saints- good film. I love the ending. “I left everybody, but no one ever left me.”
  2. Accepted- entertaining film. I enjoyed the journey the film took me on. A good rental.
  3. Afro Samurai- I liked it a lot. It is a wonderful mix of tech and swords. It is a good series.
  4. Alexander- summer action film, nothing more.
  5. Alpha Dog- well made. It pulled me back to my time in the SFV. What foolish things we do to pretend to be adults.
  6. America 101- ok…not great.
  7. American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986- I loved this film. It took me back to high school.
  8. American Pie: The Naked Mile- Why did I rent this…oh yes, because I am a dumbass.
  9. An Uncommon Kindness- interesting documentary on Father Damien.
  10. Babel-Fucking wonderful! Everyone should watch this film.
  11. Black Snake Moan- BEATIFUL!!! A wonderful story of redemption. I would use this to teach any day.
  12. Blood Diamond-A very beautiful film. I wept!
  13. Borat- the second time around I thought is was lame and very offensive. I cannot believe the shite people will say and/or believe.
  14. Born into Brothels- a beautiful story. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.
  15. Bridge to Terabithia- not the best film. It was entertaining.
  16. Casino Royale- the best Bond film I have ever seen.
  17. Children of Men-good. I loved the story.
  18. Color Me Kubrick-interesting. I would watch it again. I was annoyed by the lead.
  19. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind- solid film. Very entertaining.
  20. Control Room- I am thankful that I saw this film. It is a wonderful introduction into the world of information and its creative spinning.
  21. Deliver Us From Evil- scary…very thought provoking.
  22. Desperado-good
  23. Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo- the first one was better.
  24. Diggers- a good story…moving and well made
  25. El Mariachi-ok…ground breaking.
  26. Employee of the Month- entertaining. It is what you expect for these guys.
  27. Envy- ok
  28. Epic Movie-I will never watch this film again!
  29. Fast Food Nation-wonderful
  30. Flyboys- entertaining summer blockbuster. I liked the WWI stuff. I would like to see more on the genre.
  31. Garden State- I liked this film. Sweet, warm, romantic and sort of unrealistic. Over all a solid film.
  32. Gridiron Gang- inspiring! I love sports movies. I would watch this movie again.
  33. I heart Huckabees- brilliant film. I wish I had the time to break down the film more.
  34. Lord of War- One of the best films I have seen in sometime. I loved the core message and the way it was presented. Brilliant!
  35. Marie Antoinette- good. I love Copplas use of music in the background along with her use of colors and angles. She is a wonderful director!
  36. Maxed Out- one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. America needs to see this film!
  37. Melinda & Melinda- It is an interesting concept…one movie with two sides [comedy and tragedy]. Woody Allen has made far better films. It is entertaining.
  38. Millions- BRILLIANT!!! This movie is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is simple and touching.
  39. Motorcycle Diaries- BEAUTIFUL! It is a must see for Gen X. This is our easy rider.
  40. Mulholland Drive- David Lynch did it again. I enjoyed the roller coaster and house of mirrors that this film is. It left me hungry for more and upset at Lynch. So it was a great film!
  41. Music and Lyrics- sweet movie. It is your standard English love story fair in the model of Bridget Jones, Love Actually and Knotting Hill.
  42. National Treasure- I loved this film. It is a great summer blockbuster type film. I liked the clues and historical references.
  43. Norbit-sucked
  44. Once Upon a Time in Mexico- great!!!
  45. Protocols of Zion- Interesting. I am always blown away that this shit is still believed. That Christians [folks that claim to be] have such hate towards others…I see a poverty separation going on.
  46. Reno 911:Miami- I almost wet myself!
  47. Rocky Balboa- a good film. Better than I imagined or expected
  48. School for Scoundrels- good for what it was, a film the tries to be smart and funny with actors that try to hard and a script that could have been better.
  49. Seven Swords- too long and confusing
  50. Shaun of the Dead- I love this film. These guys are brilliant. I loved the ending.
  51. Shooter- a great action movie. I was entertained from the opening scene on to the very end.
  52. Sideways- good film. I am not sure why many people got all up on this film.
  53. Singing Detective- LAME!!!
  54. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow-Beautifully filmed…visually good, could be better with story
  55. Smoke Signals- I lovely film. Everyone should see it.
  56. Smokey and the Bandit- FUN. FUN. FUN. What a fun movie to watch.
  57. Smokin’ Aces- brilliant. A fun and well made gangster flick.
  58. Stealing Beauty- Interesting…The film is beautifully shot if nothing at all.
  59. Strangers with Candy- ok…I found it difficulty to watch such a hapless character as Jerri Blank.
  60. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny- OK, a funny drug scene
  61. Terminal- entertaining. A good solid film. Not the best effort from Tom Hanks, but good.
  62. The Best Two Years- LAME! It was an interesting perspective into a world I have never witnessed.
  63. The Bridge- a heart breaking documentary. I thought the story was difficult but needed to be told.
  64. The History Boys- not sold on it. Well made…tough to catch all of the dialogue, so I got lost rather quickly.
  65. The Matador- I liked this film. It was fun.
  66. The Prestige-The Illusionist was far better!
  67. The Producers- GREAT! I laughed so much.
  68. Thirteen- hard to watch…It makes me wonder about the next generation.
  69. Unleashed- good film. An interesting take on a martial arts film.
  70. Volver- A beautiful film. The story is light and insightful. The colors are bright and bold. It is a beautiful and engaging story.
  71. Waiting…- Funny and childish. I enjoyed this movie. The brain and the goat were funny!
  72. Wassup Rockers- good story. I enjoy Larry Clark. A real subject with a message that needs to be heard.
  73. Without A Paddle- nice film…it dragged a bit. Some funny parts. It uses a predictable model for comedy.

If you are not yet pleased…

This is my favorite Adam Sandler film. He is so much like many of us in this world. He is awkward with others and desires to just fit in. All he wants is to be loved. The societal pressures that demand him to commodify and compartmentalize his life in this film are the same evils that we subject ourselves to in our attempt to not be depraved. This is in my top ten of all time.

Will we destroy ourselves?

I was deeply affected by animated movies more so than the live action ones. The secret of Nimh, Wizards, The bugs Bunny movies, Charlotte’s web, Dragons Lair and Disney films such as Cinderella, Fantasia, Dumbo, Pete’s Dragon, Robin Hood, Aristocats, The Jungle Book, and The Fox and the Hound. I remember those warm summer nights I watched these movies with great anticipation and desire to be somewhere among the fray of animated reality. As the hero, the villain, the lost jungle kid, the best friend, the saved or rescued, the wise, the loved, or the soldier fighting to save the masses. Regardless of what I desired I could only temporarily escape the dull drum life of ambulating on weekends and holidays between my parents.

When I was a little boy I saw the movie Wizards for the very first time. I was absolutely captivated by this movie. The movie is about two brothers Avatar the good one and Blackwolf the evil one born to a fairy queen. They exist in a post apocalyptic world devastated by humanities depravity and technologies. Blackwolf and Avatar are destined to collide in a war that will destroy the new earth. Blackwolf is hideous and deformed he becomes an outcast. He seeks to rediscover ancient technologies of warfare and destruction to conquer the peoples of the earth.

Avatar (Blackwolf’s brother) lives his life with ease and worries about nothing. He leisurely lives paralyzed by the fear that he will usher in the destruction and end that his birth prophecy foretells. With Peace, the enemy solder that crosses over to Avatars side of good, the “fairy lover” of avatar, Elinor they go to fight Blackwolf’s army of trolls and ogres. The Blackwolf army is incensed as they approach battle pumped up by old Nazi propaganda films and ancient war machines.

Being the war-mongering adolescent I was the idea of weaving a story involving swords, magic, guns, and tanks filled my mind with never before imagined possibilities. I could slash my brothers and cousins with my sword while keeping their minions at bay with my magic skills. It was the war movie clips which left their mark on me. These clips showed tanks and machine gun wielding soldiers marching to war…flame throwers in tow.

For years I had these images burned into my psyche and had no idea what they were from until I was older and caught this film again. It was then I realized that the movies were of Nazi origin and the idea of magic and technology fascinated me deeper. I was blown away by the ideas presented in the film. It is simple enough ‘good verse evil’. There is a villain and a hero that has a hottie on his arm. I began to see something deeper, the destruction of humanity. I began to wonder,”Is humanity destroying itself?”

Who are our trolls and ogres being lead by the evil Blackwolf? Who represents the all-good Avatar and his honor bound disciples? Your answers will vary by geography, ideology, and age, conviction, preference for oil, tea, coffee, cheese, and any other randomly consumed bit of capital. There is personal conviction in every archetype prescribed to in our world view. This view laden with absolute conviction that we are correct. Some may proclaim that others are misguided and fooled into their beliefs…perhaps ‘they and them’ are just not enough of something or too much of something else.

I see the character of Peace in this film and set out to define, relate, examine, and ponder him closer. He is the bridge between the good and evil sides. He is a tragic figure unable to find the longing of his heart…peace. He begins his existence in the film as a loyal soldier of the evil Blackwolf and is chosen to assassinate the good Avatar. Peace fails and is captured. He is not destroyed rather his violence is met with love, kindness, and compassion. He receives from his captures grace and he becomes aware of another way to live. He moves convicted towards combating evil and helps lead the charge to stop Blackwolf.

It is in this endeavor that he losses his life in battle defending Avatar and the grace he received. Peace humbled himself in his zeal to follow orders to become a servant of good. My point being that ones perspective determines good and evil. Righteousness is the only true marker and that is Gods alone. Peace demonstrated the greatest gift one could give he laid down his life for others.

Today we are faced with an amazing amount of turmoil, destruction, corruption, disagreement, and pain. In the midst of all of these terrible things we are provided the joy of childbirth, the success of education, the comfort of a meal or the ability to share a meal, the smile of friendship and commitment and the ability to accept, love, and serve all. Love is our grandest command. Jesus Christ calls us with the words, “to love one another!” I have witnessed far too many Christians focusing on particular passages or verses to eisegete God into their needed supportive documentation. The emergent church or the orthodox church, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, catholic, reformed, covenant, or non-denominational when will being a Christian be absent of moral claims and definitions? When does radical submission to God via the example of Jesus Christ be the measuring stone to servanthood and love?

In America the gospel message of Jesus Christ is desperately being sought. Yet it is not being presented in a manner that speaks to the marginalized, hurt, confused, mistrusting, or failed. Are people getting the message of love and acceptance? We are bogged down with this good message of freedom from the pains of sin, salvation from our depraved nature. We are not testifying to the radical freedom from of our estrangement provided in the transforming power of Jesus.

We are bogged down with religious hierarchy and dogmatic mud slinging. We slash our culture with legalistic fever and alienate the masses that desperately seek meaning, hope, and peace in these stressful, terrorized, and unsure days. It is not for absence of desire to fill this void deep within the bellies of creation which inhibits a personal relationship with Christ and fulfillment of communion with God. I know “Christians” that have personal relationship with Christ and miss the meaning of this freedom, salvation, and peace we ALL are freely given in Christ. I also know Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims that could be called “Christ like” and have been used as vehicles of transformation.

In the southern hemisphere Christianity is growing at a rapid pace. The growth is largely of the evangelical vain. With prophets, bishops, disciples, and right reverends offering to those living in poverty relief and hope from the dilapidated and deplorable conditions they exist in. Jesus is sought as a remedy for the physical relief from tortuous conditions. Jesus is an agent of salvation, not just Spiritual, but Physical.

I relate this to the movie Wizards. The war that came and destroyed the human race was fueled by the escalation of differences. They could not see beyond the current disagreements of power and prestige based in the manifestation of ‘us, them, you, and me’. Having destroyed the populations of the planet a collection of fantastic creatures takes over imbued with magic. Technology is banned and the dangerous mind of evil unleashes these same weapons upon the earth.

Today as Christians we must be aware of the existence of the growing schism between western Christianity and southern hemisphere dogma. I fear that with the compounding of a lack of interest and growth in the western churches and the growth of a conservative and suspicious church in the southern half Christianity is on a crash course for destruction. This is only further exasperated by the growth of a fundament Islamic understanding in the same growth areas as Christianity. This may bring further jihad and a resurgence of crusade.

I use the thought of Wizards to illustrate the bridge of “Peace”. I see this as the only successful option we have today. We have to first dialogue with each other and understand the differences that separate us ideologically, politically, socially, and personally with our emotions entrusted with the working grace of Jesus Christ. Then can move forward collectively as a whole and bridge the ever-widening gap between this position and one held in the developing Christian world. We need each other…the assembly absent of one sister or brother is not complete. From Jerusalem to Asia and Africa to Rome to Germany and France to America and now back to Asia and Africa along with Latin America goes Christian thought. From conservative to liberal, the margins to the center, white to black to brown, child to adult, men to women, gay to straight…we are all the body of Christ. God is calling us to trust absolutely, not blindly, not absent of understanding. Jesus Christ commands us to love absolutely and radically…imbued with the power of the Holy Spirit to be agents of the Kingdom of God presently here and now in this realm today. This will transform our destruction into transformation via our relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am that kid from Home Alone, only I am in my 30’s and am not so cute…

Over the last week I have watched 7 films from Blockbuster. I have also watched the entire Freaks and Geeks collection, the first seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (ATHF), Sealab 2021, The Big Lebowski (again), and Stand By Me.

I will recommend the Sealab 2021, ATHF, The Big Lebowski, and Stand By Me.

I will say a bit about the following movies I rented from Blockbuster:

The Boys of Baraka

A good documentary about Baltimore City Schools. They have a graduation rate for black boys of only 25% in BCS. This documentary follows 4 youth from the projects to Kenya. They go to a boarding school in Kenya for 2 years as they are brought up to speed. This movie is difficult to watch is so parts, as it is real. I do not want to imagine the systemic brokenness that exists in this country. It is a fucking shame that we can argue over sexuality, interpretation of scripture, and other non essential bullshite and have problems like this plaguing our youth. WWJD?

The Aristocrats

I loved this movie. You have to see it to understand it. It is a documentary about an old vaudeville joke. It is worth seeing Bob Saget in the documentary. It has over 100 celebrity comedians and actors involved in the project.

Lady in the Water

This is a wonderful fairy tale. I enjoyed it very much. I did get startled a few times. This is a worth while rental. It has a much better plot than his last film, The Village. I like this director and have enjoyed all of his films. This one is his best since Sixth Sense and is his most well versed and mature offering.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

This movie sucked! I like Luke Wilson and thought the premise was clever. However it was poorly carried out and the players had little chemistry. The buddy relationship between Matt and Vaughn was ok. It could have been better. The plot was predictable and soft. I do not understand the who haw made over Uma Thurman. I get the attention Robert Thurman gets. He has earned it. No he kicks Sanskrit arse.

Superman Returns

I did not like this movie. Predictable, boring, and weak. I actually paused the film and took a nap for a few hours. The connections to Christ were weak and fabricated. This connection between Jesus and Superman are forced and a bad attempt by anyone to make religion cool.

The Promise

coming later

A Scanner Darkly

coming later