Please watch this…9 minutes of your time.

And we wonder why we have the difficulties we do…I pray for an understanding and desire for peace…

This is convicting to me. I pray I become more aware of the insensitivity and disgrace I display in my daily life.

Where did the call to serve creation go? Folks we fail daily in loving. What can we do to love, relate, and reach out in reconciliation? How many of us have read the Qur’an and proclaim Islam a religion of violence. Have we forgot our violent past? This movie shows the popular image of Arabs/Muslims have been destroyed and questioned by Hollywood imagery. This is the root of our fear of terrorism. We fear what we do not understand and justify this bullshit under the banner of God.

Real Americans hate Arabs…sadly this is a qualifier that holds true these days. God forgive us for what we have done and for what we have not done…

Movies I watched in Oklahoma

  1. A Guide to Recognizing your Saints- good film. I love the ending. “I left everybody, but no one ever left me.”
  2. Accepted- entertaining film. I enjoyed the journey the film took me on. A good rental.
  3. Afro Samurai- I liked it a lot. It is a wonderful mix of tech and swords. It is a good series.
  4. Alexander- summer action film, nothing more.
  5. Alpha Dog- well made. It pulled me back to my time in the SFV. What foolish things we do to pretend to be adults.
  6. America 101- ok…not great.
  7. American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986- I loved this film. It took me back to high school.
  8. American Pie: The Naked Mile- Why did I rent this…oh yes, because I am a dumbass.
  9. An Uncommon Kindness- interesting documentary on Father Damien.
  10. Apocalypto- beautifully shot and played. This film is great.
  11. Babel-Fucking wonderful! Everyone should watch this film.
  12. Black Snake Moan- BEATIFUL!!! A wonderful story of redemption. I would use this to teach any day.
  13. Blood Diamond-A very beautiful film. I wept!
  14. Borat- the second time around I thought is was lame and very offensive. I cannot believe the shite people will say and/or believe.
  15. Born into Brothels- a beautiful story. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.
  16. Bridge to Terabithia- not the best film. It was entertaining.
  17. Casino Royale- the best Bond film I have ever seen.
  18. Children of Men-good. I loved the story.
  19. Color Me Kubrick-interesting. I would watch it again. I was annoyed by the lead.
  20. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind- solid film. Very entertaining.
  21. Control Room- I am thankful that I saw this film. It is a wonderful introduction into the world of information and its creative spinning.
  22. Deliver Us From Evil- scary…very thought provoking.
  23. Desperado-good
  24. Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo- the first one was better.
  25. Diggers- a good story…moving and well made
  26. El Mariachi-ok…ground breaking.
  27. Employee of the Month- entertaining. It is what you expect for these guys.
  28. Envy- ok
  29. Epic Movie-I will never watch this film again!
  30. Fast Food Nation-wonderful
  31. Flyboys- entertaining summer blockbuster. I liked the WWI stuff. I would like to see more on the genre.
  32. Garden State- I liked this film. Sweet, warm, romantic and sort of unrealistic. Over all a solid film.
  33. Gridiron Gang- inspiring! I love sports movies. I would watch this movie again.
  34. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- not so good.
  35. Hot Rod- I love the soundtrack and the spoofing bits from my youth.
  36. I heart Huckabees- brilliant film. I wish I had the time to break down the film more.
  37. Invincible- I love this movie. It is inspirational.
  38. Lord of War- One of the best films I have seen in sometime. I loved the core message and the way it was presented. Brilliant!
  39. Marie Antoinette- good. I love Copplas use of music in the background along with her use of colors and angles. She is a wonderful director!
  40. Maxed Out- one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. America needs to see this film!
  41. Melinda & Melinda- It is an interesting concept…one movie with two sides [comedy and tragedy]. Woody Allen has made far better films. It is entertaining.
  42. Millions- BRILLIANT!!! This movie is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is simple and touching.
  43. Motorcycle Diaries- BEAUTIFUL! It is a must see for Gen X. This is our easy rider.
  44. Mulholland Drive- David Lynch did it again. I enjoyed the roller coaster and house of mirrors that this film is. It left me hungry for more and upset at Lynch. So it was a great film!
  45. Music and Lyrics- sweet movie. It is your standard English love story fair in the model of Bridget Jones, Love Actually and Knotting Hill.
  46. National Treasure- I loved this film. It is a great summer blockbuster type film. I liked the clues and historical references.
  47. Norbit-sucked
  48. Once Upon a Time in Mexico- great!!!
  49. Pathfinder- good, I was not aware of the story line. They should have picked action and stayed with it. The story is lame and contrived.
  50. Protocols of Zion- Interesting. I am always blown away that this shit is still believed. That Christians [folks that claim to be] have such hate towards others…I see a poverty separation going on.
  51. Reno 911:Miami- I almost wet myself!
  52. Rocky Balboa- a good film. Better than I imagined or expected
  53. Rush Hour 3- Jackie Chan I crazy!
  54. School for Scoundrels- good for what it was, a film the tries to be smart and funny with actors that try to hard and a script that could have been better.
  55. Seven Swords- too long and confusing
  56. Shaun of the Dead- I love this film. These guys are brilliant. I loved the ending.
  57. Shooter- a great action movie. I was entertained from the opening scene on to the very end.
  58. Sideways- good film. I am not sure why many people got all up on this film.
  59. Singing Detective- LAME!!!
  60. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow-Beautifully filmed…visually good, could be better with story
  61. Smoke Signals- I lovely film. Everyone should see it.
  62. Smokey and the Bandit- FUN. FUN. FUN. What a fun movie to watch.
  63. Smokin’ Aces- brilliant. A fun and well made gangster flick.
  64. Stealing Beauty- Interesting…The film is beautifully shot if nothing at all.
  65. Strangers with Candy- ok…I found it difficulty to watch such a hapless character as Jerri Blank.
  66. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny- OK, a funny drug scene
  67. Terminal- entertaining. A good solid film. Not the best effort from Tom Hanks, but good.
  68. The Best Two Years- LAME! It was an interesting perspective into a world I have never witnessed.
  69. The Bridge- a heart breaking documentary. I thought the story was difficult but needed to be told.
  70. The History Boys- not sold on it. Well made…tough to catch all of the dialogue, so I got lost rather quickly.
  71. The Matador- I liked this film. It was fun.
  72. The Prestige-The Illusionist was far better!
  73. The Producers- GREAT! I laughed so much.
  74. The Simpson Movie- BEST MOVIE EVER.
  75. Thirteen- hard to watch…It makes me wonder about the next generation.
  76. Unleashed- good film. An interesting take on a martial arts film.
  77. Volver- A beautiful film. The story is light and insightful. The colors are bright and bold. It is a beautiful and engaging story.
  78. Waiting…- Funny and childish. I enjoyed this movie. The brain and the goat were funny!
  79. Wassup Rockers- good story. I enjoy Larry Clark. A real subject with a message that needs to be heard.
  80. Without A Paddle- nice film…it dragged a bit. Some funny parts. It uses a predictable model for comedy.