How to participate in a SNAP Challenge

Commit to 30 straight days.  Involve your spouse.  If you Involve your children you may endanger them and expose them to risks that will stunt mental and physical development.  If you care about your children do not allow them to exercise this challenge.

Do not rearrange your schedule; try to maintain as normal a schedule as you can.

Spend no more than $4.50 per day total per person.

Donate the money you would normally spend on food to a local food bank.

Volunteer at your local food bank at least once a week.

Only buy and eat or drink items that SNAP allows for purchase.

Do not use food already on hand.  Donate all allowable food to a local food bank or host a party to serve all food left in your home prior to embarking on this journey.

Include fresh produce and a healthy protein each day.

Use coupons and store-discount programs.

Keep a journal of what you buy and eat for each meal, as well as receipts.  Also journal your experiences, focusing on feelings, changes in mood, cognitive ability, or relationships.

As many participants of SNAP are also subject to financial insecurity around paying rent, bills, and other expenses please do not purchase anything unnecessary for this month.  If you must purchase anything beyond food then you may but must also donate an equal amount to the local food bank that you are volunteering in.

Lastly, do not tell anyone outside of your home that you are doing this while you are doing it.  Keep the journaling private whilst experiencing this.  Do not publish anything until you have processed this experience for a few months, still maintaining the weekly volunteering at the local food bank you have been working at.

Advocate for change and educate others on what SNAP is and how it serves the most vulnerable of our population.  SNAP is not the lotto game many believe it to be.

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