Trust me, that I might help you.


My response to this recent article in the Presbyterian Outlook (full disclosure, I’ve not read this magazine on a regular basis since 2008.)

I appreciate this piece. I have dawdled around the PC(USA) for most of my young adulthood. Often being asked why I stayed by friends and colleagues that openly point to the hostile encounters they have had with the church, not caring about the nuanced arguments of denominationalism or the apologetic creed machine that I sought to offer. The church has indeed offered little space for myself and other traveling carnival spectacles.

The margins we sought to expand have sapped much of our strength and left many of us in the sunset of those precious young adult years. It is my hope that this “resurrection generation” define themselves, not living in to another hopeful or otherwise label set forth by the failed hopes and dreams of a boomer generation. The described hope in this article is inspiring, too bad it is devoid of trust in us to live in to the call God has placed upon us. boomers if you want to help, please advocate for resources, support, and prayer for us to do so.

If you want to help bring about this resurrection generation, stop filling sessions across the nation with fear and anxiety and trust us to lead.

If you want to help bring about this resurrection generation, liquidate the endowments and pay us a living wage, support a seminarian or two, and bless the leadership with the ability to breath outside of crippling student debt and trust us.

If you want to help bring about this resurrection generation, allow us to minister in the margins by be mature in faith so that you might tend to each other as we go into the wilderness and connect with the flocks outside of the church walls.

We stuck around because we could not leave our mother when she was ill. We stayed because we would not let her suffer alone. We cannot fail, for failure is a sign that this mortal coil approaches its limits and grows ready for that miracle-filled, wonder working, radical hippie, to stroll in stir it up and drop the mic.

Do not reward our presence or give us gratitude for staying…trust us.

2 thoughts on “Trust me, that I might help you.

  1. Damn right brother! That is what it comes down to and why folks like you and I have been treated so shitty, because they don’t trust us! Hey we can’t make it any worse than it already is, I’m sure of that! And we may just fix a thing or two while we are at it, imagine that…

    • I find liberty in that if I do anything at all that the church is better off. It is a broken system. We have given Gen X, Millennials, or others a reason to be in church. We have failed on a large scale.

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