Raising Cain and Support

I consider myself a missionary to the Presbyterian Church (USA), to my neighborhood, and to my colleagues in ministry. Ever since I have sipped from the cup of mission as a YAV in 2004 I have been hooked.

I have represented my denomination at conferences and lead workshops on missions. I have attended a global gathering as a young adult in missions. I have studied missions in seminary and participated in a travel seminar to explore missions in various contexts. I even won the mission and evangelism award as a graduating senior at my seminary.

I am and have almost always been about mission, service, and exploring the Other. Being in relationship with others and learning in those relationships is important to me. I am exploring participation in the Presbyterian Peace Programs trip to the Philippines.

I am intrigued by the mission to go and experience, converse, and be with others as we listen to stories surrounding environmental devastation and human trafficking. These are both items I am interested in learning more about and that I have little awareness of. I need help.

I imagine connecting with sponsores that I could safely drive to and from out of Oklahoma City (where I currently live) and speak to and share my experiences and the stories that I might hear. I am open to skyping in to groups as well. I hope to fashion some sort of curiculaum to be used in group study in support base to raise awareness on the difficulties I am made aware of.

I would also seek to write about my experience here on my website and create a series of art pieces that could be used to raise awareness, fund projects (if needed), and contribute positively to equipping many for justice.

I am offering my art prints to you with a suggested donation of $30 per print. Please click here to select the print you want and email me your address. I will mail you the prints after I sign them.

I hope you’ll support me. I need to raise $3,500 by December 03, 2012. I am not certain I have been selected. If I am not selected to go than I shall return your money. If you have received a print and want to keep it I will donate the money you donated for me to one of the other participants that have been selected.

You may go here for more information.

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