Verified Tweets from a Cardinal? What’s Wrong with This Picture?

According to this article and this one, it costs in the neighborhood of $15k to get a verified account on Twitter.  Some questions come to mind:

Why does Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan need a verified account? (Has the verified account become another way to divide socio-economic class and fashion division?)

Why does anyone in Roman Catholic church hierarchy need a verified Twitter account? Spend a small amount of time on Twitter and it’s rather clear which accounts are jokes/fake (@Nick_Nolte & @RealCarrotTop).

Where did the funds to buy Twitter verification come from? His discretionary fund? Was it made possible by a donor? If so, which individual or organization? We know it wasn’t the LCWR, Call to Action, or Sister Margaret Farley (Who all have my admiration and affection.)

Couldn’t that money have been better spent on communications to enhance Christian unity? (This question could be asked of many investments perpetrated by many church leaders.)

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