My book project

I have started so many book projects. I believe I have parts and starts of about seventeen books lying around on various drives. In all I have been working on many books for the last  nine years. I have never finished one.

I once finished a chapter in a book that never got published. I am never short of ideas. I overhear a conversation or happen upon a strange situation and think, “That would be a great book!” I then set out to outline and develop characters for that book and then I stop or get sidetracked by another idea along the way.

Late last year I was telling this to a few friends and they expressed similar frustrations. They also hoped to get in to an accountability group to finally complete a project. Well, they did it. I am now in an accountability group with the goal of finishing one project by years end.


2 thoughts on “My book project

  1. Ryan, I think your spiritual journey would be especially interesting and important given your fundamentalist experience. Glad to see you have friends keeping your feet to the fire! You’re a wonderful writer.

  2. @rk_p says:

    Thanks, Linda. I just need to finish one book and then I will have the monkey off my back. I would love to finish that spiritual book too. It may not be the right moment to do that one. It will happen one day.

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