The 2012 hopes

Over the next 30 weeks I am going to follow this book by Sarah Taylor on my road to becoming vegan. I bought it sometime in July or August 2011 and have been reading it. I attempted to go vegan on September 01, 2011. I lasted a few days but was very ill prepared and knew nothing about maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

I am going to follow Sarah’s book to move step by step towards a vegan life. I will tackle each “day” over the course of a week. Where you are instructed to do something, give up something, or reflect upon something I will do so over the course of a week.

I am hopeful for this project. I shall begin on January 01, 2012 and the process will continue until July 28, 2012 in which I will have completed the book and live a vegan life. I am not looking to give up leather or other material animal products. This is purely a vegan foods experiment.

I was diagnosed with diabetes March 2011 and have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and food addiction. I am hoping to regain a healthy relationship as I intentionally engage my food habits and the type of foods I consume. In this I hope to reap the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet and rid myself of the diabetes and high cholesterol and blood pressure.

I will maintain my current exercise regime in a modified manner. I will keep the weight training to four days (2 upper & 2 lower) but par down the cardio to 60-75 minutes of high intensity, high interval training three times a week with endurance cardio two times a week. I will introduce stretching via yoga or Pilates in to the workouts.

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