Tebow or Not Tebow

I posted this the other day on twitter, I got a case of the Tebows. It’s like a case of the Mondays only it’s a mile high, prays, & pulls shit out of its arse. I have never been a fan of Tim Tebow. I stewed at his ability to lead his team to wins. My feathers got ruffled when he broke traditions and pointed his finger to the sky to “give thanks.”

I assumed that Tim Tebow would fail in the NFL and take with him his evangelical, populist faith with him. I was wrong, at least for now. I have nothing personal against Tim Tebow. Would I have thought differently if he played football for a team or conference to which I have any allegiance? Maybe.

I am sure Tim Tebow is a nice guy. He loves his mom, says his prayers, and even takes his vitamins. I was fine with hating on Tebow and his Florida Gators as they dominated the D1 arena. I might have poked fun at his faith a little. I hoped he would crash and burn in the NFL and lose his platform.

He’s like a big ass ball of Darkside. He seems to be using all of the hate, all of the hoping he will fail to teach all of us a lesson. The more we hate him the more he seems to succeed.

I could care less about the fortunes of the Denver Broncos. I have no one I cheer on in the NFL. I gave than up where the Traitors and Lambs left Los Angeles. My beef with Tim Tebow and his winning ways lies in my concern that as he continues to win his evangelical faith and worldview reinforces poor theology.

Tim Tebow and his winning ways is physical evidence of an Old Testament vengeful, wrathful God. Tim wins and folks grow convinced of the heckling, loving God of Job is where its at. The righteous are blessed with much and win as the unrighteous suffer directly for their “sin” and lose.

This bad theology based in righteousness and unrighteousness is basis for many of the grand ills our nation has suffered. The genocide of the Native American people was predicated upon the theology that these “poor savages” were godless, heathens in need of righteous ways. They were less than. History proves this as right. They lost and “we” won.

This bad theology has been used to subjugate the Other unto the dominant “I.” This bad theology of righteousness and unrighteousness is found in the arguments supporting the slave trade. It is “us” the righteous leading “them” the unrighteous to their preordained calling. Prosperity is justice to the victor.

This bad theology is seen in the women’s suffrage movement. The righteous “dominators in Christ” over the unrighteous “temptresses.” We cannot move against the “natural order” of things.

The LGBTQ community is the latest recipient of this bad theology. Fall in line and repent of your wicked ways says the righteous. They point to history. They point to scripture as their righteous affirmation to cleanse and clear the unrighteous ways of the many.

The problem I have with Tim Tebow is not that he believes anything at all. My problem is that Tim Tebow offers one way of engaging God. Where is the celebrity that will speak of justice in conversation? Where is the superstar athlete that will speak of righteousness being liberated from prosperity?

The rise of Tim Tebow unnerves me. It rattles my core, as this America we live in is polarized, angry, and looking for easy answers. This America is anxious and fearful. This is a breeding ground for the righteous to assert itself upon the unrighteous.

It just might be a matter of time before the apocalyptic tales of Rollerball, 1984, and Brazil are upon us. I pray not. I pray that we as a nation might let our guard down to invest in each other. I hope that the bad theology of righteousness and unrighteousness is replaced with the good news of community. The good news of communities of diversity, dynamic and complex understandings of God, and a shared will to offer a better way to our children.

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