Bearduary & Beyond

Last year I lasted a few months in to my attempt at photo journaling my life in 2010.  This year I am only committing to not shaving for the months of January & February.  I am doing this to raise awareness of the injustice that exists in this world as many of our sisters and brothers live in object poverty as a normal way of life.

I am not sure what will happen on this journey as I do not shave. I am not sure if it is even a viable way to support those that live in poverty.  It is what I have today and as I embark on this journey I am seeking answers in prayer and meditation.  The time and money I have spent on shaving or cutting my hair will be invested in the fight to end injustice and alleviate poverty that plagues many of this worlds citizens.

I trust that as I am being lead to this action that the divine will lead and connect me to other actions.  Peace be with you.

One thought on “Bearduary & Beyond

  1. Vic Stewart says:

    Followed your blog from a link on Whitney’s blog. I say go for it…besides every once in awhile it is fun to just be lazy and not shave !

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