Why my hip-hop posse would rock more than Chinese drywall!

Bruce Campbell
What kind of rapper would I be if I did not roll with Bruce in my posse. A posse is not a posse without Brisco County Jr.! When the going get tough and me and my posse got throw down in some club late at night cause some fella was weezing the juice I want an Army of Darkness all up on his juice weezing cuss & Bruce is gonna deliver.

Patrick Warburton
Puddy! The world’s best best friend and sports fan!   The Tick! The world’s greatest superhero!   Brock Sampson! The world’s deadliest bodyguard!   Who would not want this lethal weapon rolling in their 5.0 with the top down sipping on Gin & Juice? I need to keep my mind on my money and my money on my mind if I’m gonna be any worth while rapper.

Jason Lee
Jason is the funny guy in my posse. In the vein of Chris Tucker in Friday or Dave Chappelle in his self titled show. Jason is there to make a bad situation more bearable. When all the haters get up in our grill a posse needs some comic relief. Jason is our man.

Margaret Cho
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the DNA of a bulldog, the badass of Dalton [from Roadhouse], the humor of Lenny Bruce and the politic savvy of Bayard Rustin where collected and blessed by Qetesh…If your answer is Margaret Cho then you’d be right. If you answered anything else, you’d better lock your door cause Margaret is coming.

Pee-wee Herman
If I roll up with a pose that included Pee-wee Herman everyone would take a step back. Who shows up to a gang fight with a Pee-wee Herman? Crazy Cussers do that’s who. No one would want some of this if we showed up with Pee-wee Herman. If they did Margaret Cho would gladly give it to them.

Clint Eastwood
I want the 80 year old Clint too. He comes with a fist fighting monkey and a career that spans decades and many genres. If I rocked a posse at all and did not include Clint Mother Cussing Eastwood I’d be a flash in the pan kinda rapper for sure.
I’m gonna make Clint’s day and invite him along with my posse.

Gary Busey
Gary is bat cuss crazy! Seriously. After spilling his lines on his dog he followed it around the house and did lines from its fur. This is the kind of crazy that makes the entire posse look good. Plus Gary is now a man of God so we could talk shop.
Gary in my posse makes all kinds of sense and excites me like Hello Kitty excites a Japanese school girl [or a chubby middle aged grade school teacher].

Arianna Huffington
I would blow all other posses away with Arianna Huffington rolling in my crew. When we would spit lyrics in a lake of fire lyric battle she would drop so much heat on them that they would beg to be banished to Fox News. Arianna Huffington is the playa of all playas! Woot! Woot!

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