The Beatitudes: Lesson 1 [preschool-early primary]

A lot of people had come to hear Jesus. So Jesus climbed up a mountain and began to teach the disciples that joined him and he began to teach them loudly saying,

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Who are the poor is spirit? [discuss]

The poor in spirit are people who are not humble and who think of themselves as better than others.  Jesus once said that whoever humbles themselves as a child would be the 
greatest in the kingdom of heaven. If someone is poor in spirit they remain outside of the love of God and are unable to see the Kingdom of God.

What is the Kingdom of God? [discuss]

The Kingdom of God is more than just a place where God lives.  The Kingdom of God is a place where justice, peace, love and mercy exists and injustice, war, hate and oppression cannot live.  We can see the Kingdom of God when we act as the hands, feet, and hearts of God by being with and share with those that do not have enough food to eat, cloths to wear or others that are being unjustly denied to be a full part of our community.  The Kingdom of God is a place in your mind and how you think and live in this world in this manner the Kingdom of God is a place where God lives and you can live there too.

How can we learn to be meek? [discuss]

This week when you get angry with your friends or family try to say nice things about them instead of being angry or mad at them.  When you see someone that is hurting let them know you care and that you are loving them in prayer.

What do we do to be near God & each other in the Kingdom of God? [discuss]

Start a collection or fundraiser for a community outside of your own that is in need.  You may want to talk to your teacher or parents and get their help with planning the event.  Be sure to build relationships and become friends with them as you work together to raise funds or collect resources for this community.  Invite each other to attend worship and worship with them as well.

This may include:

Collecting school supplies and making backpacks for local back to school programs.

Collecting emergency aid supplies and making hygiene or first aid kits for local Red Cross or Church World Service emergency aid distribution centers.

Collect winter clothes or other seasonal clothes for shelters.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. “

Many things happen to us in life that bring us grief & God will comfort us when this happens.  Many times God comforts us through our friends & families.   We show love to others by being sad when they are sad and by being happy when they are happy.

Do you feel sad if your friend is sad? [discuss]                                  How do we mourn with others? [discuss]

Some people give hugs to their friends when they are sad.  Some people send cards to express their sympathy to others that experience a death in their family.  You could start a ministry in which you make a card for the people that are sad in your faith community.  You could also encourage others that are sad and let them know you care by praying for them when they have a difficult time praying.  You could also organize a food tree [where different people cook a meal and deliver it to someone in need] for those in your faith community and outside of your faith community that are sad or mourning.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. “

Meekness is about being patient with those you do not like and not returning violence with violence.  Being meek is not about weakness or proving to God you are not worthy.

Why do you think God wants us to be meek?

How we can be meek…

You could organize a rally for non-violence and support efforts within your community for fairness and justice for all.

You could become an advocate for the earth and support local food programs and eat locally yourself.

You could encourage others to live a non-violent life by living a life of non-violence.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. “

When you are hungry you eat and drink.  When your soul is hungry you spend time with God & read the Bible.  We should feed our body, soul, & mind equally.

Would you give a hungry person a Bible to eat?

How we are filled with righteousness…

A community garden at church that supports a local food bank or homeless shelter.

Raising awareness and money for disease prevention and research.

Organizing a walk-a-thon or rally to support an environmental cause.

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