Church Draft Round 3: Mother Maria Skobtsova

This a tough pick. At this point we have only 5 picks left to make.  We are still very committed to our Open & Affirming, Spirit-Lead, Multi-Cultural, dynamic, intergenrational, social justice based faith community.

This commitment can lead us in many directions.  We have put in countless hours of tape and read many reports in making this decision.  With the 7th pick of the 3rd round of the 2010 Ecclisiastical Draft we select Mother Maria Skobtsova!

Mother Mary will head our Spiritual Formation as the Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation.  Mother Mary will be charged with the spiritual formation of our faith community, theological discourse will also be a part of this position.  We are hoping that Mother Mary’s unique understanding of theology and how it dwells in service to the margins.

We are turley blessed to have this amazing saint among our faith community.  With Mother Mary’s guidance we hope our fith community will become a place with an open door for refugees, the needy and the lonely as it also soon becomes a center for intellectual and theological discussion.

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