Church Draft Round 2: Johnny Cash

With the first pick of the second round we select the ultimate Outlaw Preacher of them all, Johnny Cash.  The original man in black will provide us an honest and sincern lived in kind of experience as Johnny leads us in worship as our Associate Pastor for Worship.

We had desired Jennifer Knapp to fill this position but upon contacting her agent it was her desire to say away from church leadership at this time.  Johnny on the other hand is knee deep in the ecclesial arts . He will join us after a few years in the Glory Gates Jam band.  He is being replaced by James Brown as front man and lead vocals.

We draft Johnny to lead us in worship as we proclaim a sacred space for our Open & Affirming, Spirit-Lead, Multi-Cultural, dynamic, intergenrational, social justice based faith community.  Johnny needs no more introduction.  He’ll “Walk the LIne” in worship real soon.

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