Church Draft Rd 1: Lonnie Frisbee

Drew set up this mock draft of church leadership to which I am participating.

The rules are as follows:

1. Five to ten bloggers will draft seven rounds of people to fill out their “church team.”

2. The idea is to form a “team” with positions. You may choose “Biblical” positions, like “priest,” “prophet,” or even “apostle;” “churchianity” positions like “Senior Pastor,” “youth minister,” etc, or create positions however you like.

3. You may draft from the whole of humanity, except for Jesus (it’s just not fair for one team to get him) and participants in the draft.

4. The person to pick last in the first round will pick first in the second round. Draft order will be chosen randomly by me.

5. With each pick, you are encouraged to post Who, for what position, and why. If you want to cross post on your own blog, that is encouraged.

6. The first round will take place on Monday, April 26. The draft order will be announced on April 25. We will draft one round on Monday, and then two rounds Tues-Thursday. A wrap-up will come ton Friday.

7. The first pick for each day should come by 9am EST. Teams are encouraged to move quickly (within 30 mins) once they are “on the clock,” but grace will be shown at the discretion of the self-appointed commissioner.

8. If you wish to participate in the draft, please notify me in the comments. Because I like attention, preference will be given to folks with a larger audience.

9. “Draft Commentary” in the comments is encouraged, but please limit the “trash-talking” to the good-natured kind. Just in case it was not already obivious, this is intended to be fun.

You can click here for the blog.

I drafted last in the first round this afternoon.  I drafted Lonnie Frisbee!

Here is what I offered up on why Lonnie and what he will do for us.

“Building a faith community from scratch is hard work and our faith community needs a leader that has an anointing for connecting and inspiring people.  Lonnie is the tempest to which 2 storms circled. We draft Lonnie to set the tone for our Open & Affirming, Spirit-Lead, Multi-Cultural, dynamic, intergenrational, social justice based faith community.

If we were going to gather people in a faith community there is no one other thanLonnie Frisbee that we could walk with in this endeavor.  Lonnie is drafted to lead our visioning process for our faith community and is called to be our Senior Pastor.

It is our hope that Lonnie can guide our faith community with grace, compassion, vision, passion, and an earnest heart to be nearer to God and be the light into this world, clothing the naked & feeding the hungry as we hold on to the grace found in Jesus the Christ.”

Please follow along as we draft for 6 more rounds.  I got the first pick in the AM in the second round.  Check this out tomorrow to see who I draft. I’ll tell you that I am looking for  my Associate Pastor for Worship of Associate for Evangelism tomorrow morning.

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