An Ode to Tacos

One night when I still lived in LA I was party hopping with Randopolis.  We dropped it like it was hot near Griffith Park at a house party.  I am not sure why we were at this party but it was hot.  I held court in the backyard of this party chain smoking and telling it like it is.  I felt like a poor man’s Benny Hinn offering up the cure to what allied ’em.

They lined up across the backyard! They stood there in their Westside best.  The t-shirts with tattoo designs.  The bright arse hoodie sweaters.  The skater shoes.  The urban survival gear rocked to a T!  There were dreads on the heads of man, woman & child.  There were battles of lyrics flowing to my left and to my right.  To the back there was some cats in some chairs sitting there pondering the meaninglessness of it all and smoking the kind.  To my front the line grew and it consumed me. I was a little mid-twentysomething guru in this not so beachy place trying to dispense the cardboard wisdom like it was a race.

Each person in my sort of semi-circle circle was trying to stump me as if I held the answers to the cosmic mystery that swirled above our heads just out of sight behind that sweet, sweet mix of cool beachy fog & warm city smog.

I ate it up like I was at the Shakey’s buffet!  With an extra helping of those tasty fried mojo tatters.  Then as quickly as it began the DJ dropped a record and the rappers delight and the religiously fight stopped and the dancing began.

The fog replaced the smog and blanketed us in its cool conforming grasp taking the city lights with it.  We stayed there dancing to impress the ladies and hoping that tonight, tonight, tonight…that something was in the air tonight.

Then we got invited to another party at one of the ladies homes.  We high fived and went to our car to caravan to this magical place.  We set off in the sea of fog to this party Shangri-La.

We endured about 20 blocks in that Family Circus kind of roundabout manner going too far to really be going anywhere.  It almost seemed like we were the fuzz and the others were trying to shake us.  The caravan stops and all proceed up the stairs to a tiny Westside apartment just a little closer to the beach than the last place.  We climbed the 70]s styled stairs and enter the cave.  It was a cave adorned with hula gear as was the fashion in this time and place.  The party goers were directed to the booze and conversations began.

We looked around and realized the pickings were indeed slim and that we were those almost creepy fellas as this scene was not ours.  We took for the door and off to lay anchor at Norms for some late night Joe and may a slice.

We walked down the street not having dropped our crumbs we had no idea where we where ad where we had come.  We went down the block and up another.  The fog was so think that we could barley see each other.  We continued on down a numbered street and off to a street of a saint, perhaps.  We looked around and could not really see the landmarks we had set.  We wandered over to a fence of an elementary school and followed it around.

Off in the distance a light sort of shown! It was a light, a beacon that guided us on home.  We gather our courage and take off towards that light.  As we got near our eyes we in delight.

What did we find but a miracle  it was a heavenly delicious taqueria on wheels!  We ponied up to the bar and placed our order for a few of those delectable morsels, tacos al pastor!  We consoled our old selves with a this sweet southern taste knowing and trusting that tacos made it all better and that this taco truck from heaven was a gift unto to us.

We ate there and chilled for at least half an hour.  There in the blanketing fog on the Westside we laughed and smiled.  We bid our goodbyes and went back to looking for our car. We may have gotten a few steps and turned back to see where we had come and that heavenly taco truck was nowhere to be found…in its place right there where we where ,was the car we called egg and our ride ready to go.

So we got in and went away never to find that taco truck not even to this day.  The mysterious taco is a gift from above, a gift that is the incarnation of God’s adoring love.

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