Support Me on a Peacemaking Mission

A few weeks ago I applied to be a part of a Christian Peacemaking Team [CPT] to Palestine this November.

I originally wanted to apply to the delegation to Kurdistan and after many long conversations with family, friends, and colleagues I decided to apply to the Palestine delegation.

Conflict in Palestine/Israel has taken center stage in recent months.  Despite involvement of the Quartet on the Middle East and overtures from the Obama administration, the situation for many Palestinians living in the West Bank remains grave.  Road closures, home invasions, checkpoints and the presence of militant Israeli settlers in Palestinian villages continue to threaten Palestinian human rights.  Israel’s separation barrier (much of it built on confiscated Palestinian land) not only separates Palestinian communities from each other, but also acts as a barrier between ordinary Israelis and Palestinians seeking to come together for peace. CPT delegation members will gain a perspective on how these issues affect daily life.

The first few days we will be spent with local representatives from Israeli & Palestinian groups seeking peace.  We shall be a part of documenting the human rights violations that occur and taking art in peace patrols that use their presence as a deterrent to physical violence inflicted upon the Palestinian people.  Our primary role in this mission is to be a “non-violent public witness” to the conditions and circumstance of the Palestinian people and report to our local communities and national media on what we witnessed and how we may be able to become a part of the peace solution.

I will be documenting this process here on this blog and via a few other blogs. I will post links when I get them.

I need to raise $2750 to cover my cost of the peacekeeping mission.  If you would like to support me please go here and donate, making sure to indicate that your donation is going to support “Ryan Pappan.”  You may also mail your check to [Douglass Blvd Christian Church  2005 Douglass Blvd  Louisville, KY 40205  **please indicate in the memo line that it is for Ryan’s peace mission**]

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