Hope is another word for Apathy.

The other day I posted on twitter, “I’ve decided that this Easter I’ll expect a real resurrection & that peace is going to truly transform this world.”  I wrote this with a real expectation in my heart and exhaustion in my soul.  What has Easter become?  It seems that the focus is upon what we do not have or what we are not rather than on who we are and what we are blessed with in our particular ministries.

What resurrects on Easter in our lives?  We follow the paces of a solemn life of contemplation and repentance for 40 days to get to the good stuff of the Christian life and what…we arise that glorious Sunday morning to put on our Sunday’s best and we go to worship, to make our appearance.  For most of us our world remains the same.  Resurrection has become a spectator sport.  A sport that we engage with hope and not expectation.

I think for many folks in the Christian world “hope” has become a new word for “apathy.”  I don’t think that we expect much from God.  Do we expect to move mountains with a mustard seed of faith because scripture tells us we can?  Do we expect to see the blind given sight and the demons of this world cast away because scripture tells us it is possible?  Do we believe that death in not the end of our story?  Do we believe in the resurrection of our body and the Body of Jesus the Christ?  Do we just hope that all of this is true?  Do we really, really hope that the sting of death fails to sing the finale?

I pray that we can hold resurrection true for our bodies as we embrace the real resurrection of the Body (of Jesus).  Least we not forget that our body is part of the Body of Christ.  You are the Body of Christ.  I pray we expect this body to resurrect and be renewed.  God has something in store for us.  Let us open our hearts, minds, and strength to the coming of the Lord.  The excitement in the air is palatable.

I truly believe that this Easter a real resurrection is going to take place and that the Peace of Christ will shadow us all.  Death is not the end it is just the beginning.  Let us hold up great expectations and see what our mysteriously divine Savior, Jesus has in store for us, for this community, for this world.

Blessings, Ryan

One thought on “Hope is another word for Apathy.

  1. I feel like I have witnessed the resurrection of the Body this past year as represented in our small community. Folks have sacrificed their time and offered their gifts in unprecedented ways (unprecedented ways for us — not comparatively to those of martyrs, etc). I have been deeply blessed by the faithful witness of our kids, the generosity of our members and the risk-taking by some to enter new relationships that threaten to change them and us — and you know how we feel about change! Fo course, resurrection is pretty dramatic change!

    Thanks, Ryan, for this post.

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