So awesome it hurts.

I feel a little bad in posting this 2 days before our dear savior is born.  It does make me wonder what Jesus is to us.  What kind of Jesus do you worship?  What influance does Jesus have upon your life?

We talk a lot about Jesus and will jump to arms when our Jesus is challenged.  We all have a different Jesus we worship.  Some will claim to worship the “true” Christ. While others insist that they are the Christ.  It is all rather strange.  Even better is that most of us Christians will attest to the awesome and righteousness our Jesus [the personal savior one] has over those other heathen religions.  The Jesus makes more sense than Buddha or the words of the prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him].  It makes way more sense to espouse a God that enters into humanity as a baby and then makes his way to adulthood in silence then stirs up the largest empire in the world only to die as his followers are fixing to go apeshit all over this great power.  But wait! there’s more…this same God that die that was in human form raises from the dead and bitch slaps sin so that we no longer are subject to it.  Then this guy inspires many flowers that at little like this man god.  This followers focus on right action and practice rather than living like the man god they believe in.  Yes cause Jesus the Christ was concerned with what you think of him over what you do.

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