Walk the Line

Walking the line is where is see the gospels call.  Tugging at our heart to reach out to the Other.  Bearing the responsibility of being the hands & feet of the Christ.  Advent is a lot like this.  Advent is a place where we are to walk the line between the here and not yet.  We all know the story.  This anticipated savior hanging out in the belly of Mary.  With little fingers and little toes.

It’s those little toes that reconcile creation and reveal the good news.  All 8 pounds, 6 ounces of swaddling savior resting in the embryonic fluid of Theotokos.  How can we respond appropriately outside of a wide eyed stare and slack jawed awe.

Johnny Cash is a great example of anticipation and nervous energy.  Johnny sang with the soul of 10,000 folks.  The bottle neck of grace revealed in the lyrics of “Help Me” to the Outlaw anthem “Walk the Line”.  Where do we go from here…

Johnny prayed with what God gave him and touched the hearts of many.  Johnny is the Billy Graham of my generation.  His altar calls of grace and forgiveness stamped on vinyl records and downloaded millions of times by a flock of bastard seekers hoping for a glimpse of the God Johnny knew.  When you look at Advent and the posture it proclaims with Cash-like eyes you’re gonna get so damn close to that line that yer toes are gonna hang of the cliff and that canyon breeze is gonna blow back yer hair.

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