Announce your self, SUCKA!

My hands are covered in your muddy mess as I struggle to shape you into the vision in my mind.  Sitting behind the wheel going nowhere but here.  My bucket full of slurry and my heart yearning for you I position my hands at 10 & 2.

Announce your self, SUCKA!  Announce your self, SUCKA!  Announce!!!

I tried my hand at other things but you have held my attention for sometime.  Without words and in a dull silence we become friends.  I admire you.  Every time we hook up something new happens.  The same as before only slightly different in appearance.

Announce your self, SUCKA!  You Boom Sucka.

There was that time we hung out until the sun rose and that other time when it was just us in the cold winter night hanging out by the fire.  You never minced words and listened to all I said.  Surrounded by straw, kilns, and mud it never seemed cluttered.

Announce!  Announce!  Announce your self, SUCKA!

I never fretted as I took the bus to see you even into the night.  I got excited when I saw your door.  I would look at my chapped hands as a reminded me of you.  I shopped for you with glee.  I was single-mindedly focused on you and what you did in my life.

Announce your self, SUCKA!

Sometimes when we hung out I’d hear unchained melodies, as I became part of some righteous bros.  I was never mused to write prose or even a letter to you. I just liked to hang out.  Never really wanting more or less than that.  I thought about you night & day.  No one really understood my obsession with you at all.

Remember when we first meet in high school. It was nothing like love at first sight.  I had no idea what you meant or what you were capable of.  I just knew you were cool and I liked it when we saw each other.  Jeremiah was 18 going on 3…remember?

Announce yourself…Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb.  It is I that is the sucka.

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