A Whispering God

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…then God said, ‘Light: Be!’ and light was.” God speaks creation into existence.  It is Gods voice that forms and shapes the shapeless void into the world to which we stand.  Gods voice is awesome, beyond comprehension.

We live in a world that was spoken into creation.  A voice cries out in the wilderness.  “In the beginning was the Word; the Word was in God’s presence, and the Word was present to God from the beginning. Through the Word all things came into being, and apart from the Word nothing came into being.”  Let the Word be spoken.

Language is important to the Christian faith.  It is the spoken word that imparts the good news to a world in dire need of good.  Jesus’ ministry to the world spoke truth to the injustice that forced the margins.  Speaking, language, and word(s) are important to faith.

This time of Advent calls us to speak.  We are compelled to speak of the hope, joy, and love that fill our hearts as we anticipate the coming of the Christ child.  God delivers to us salvation in swaddling clothes, a baby mumbling hope, joy, and love.

We cannot help but to listen to the thundering orders of God in the clouds.  God in large dramatic moments, like those depicted in Hollywood’s vision of Moses up on the mountain relieving the commandments.

Gods “absence” can also be witnessed.  Ask those that endure hardship in relationships, financial difficulty, or the loss of a loved one.  God’s powerful voice can seem as a deafening silence.

God’s whispers…Are we afraid of a whispering God?  Can we embrace a God that calmly stares us in the eyes filled with compassion?  Can we fathom a God that weeps with us in our sorrow?  God is not comprised of any extreme.  God is all and in all.  God just is.

For God Advent looks a lot like the proud eyes of a parent gazing upon their children excited to deliver a gift as much as Advent looks like the eyes of a parent as they worry about providing the next meal for their children.

Advent is a space where time is no longer relevant.  Time ceases to exist as we welcome the mumbling God speaking gibberish that breed’s creation.  The gaga talk that reconciles as it reveals hope, joy, and love.  A God that whispers lovingly in our ears…Are we afraid of a whispering God?

I hope not…it is the whispers of God that fill us with life.  In those whispers God speaks compassion towards the Other and nurtures the soul.  In whispers God redeems us.  In whispers God holds us, whispering lullabies as we soundly transformed as a part of the community of Christ.

Peace be with you this Advent season.

One thought on “A Whispering God

  1. Lavender Kelley says:

    I pray the whispers of God also fill you with life during this and all seasons. Thank you for sharing this beatuiful and meaningful piece.

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