Santiago the Monkey: The Wild Heart of Gods Creation

monkeysThis story from Moth reminds me of why I love God and why I have hope for the church that emerges from people like this fella.

I offer that Ari encounters the same heart breaking sorrow upon witnessing the brokenness of the wild inside of Santiago that God encounters upon our departure from paradise and entering in to the sin of toil.

As we seek to be people of reconciliation and filters of grace and holders of hope we must witness this world and all of its brokenness with eyes tending to the wild inside and world to preserve that wild side that is deeply connected with God and severed from the toiling sin of production and consumption.

2 thoughts on “Santiago the Monkey: The Wild Heart of Gods Creation

  1. Derek says:

    Ryan I found this whole thing appalling. I can’t understand how he justifies “breaking them” for placing his brick in the edifice of human knowledge just to get his PhD and share some “knowledge” with humanity. What an asshole.

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