Resources from Mission Celebration 2009

Here is the resources list from the workshop “Engaging Young Adults Through Mission.”


Bosch, David.  Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission

Claiborne, Shane.  The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical

Guder, Darrell.  Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America

Hesse, Herman.  Siddartha

Merritt, Carol Howard.  Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation

Moore, Christopher.  Lamb

Niffenegger, Audrey.  The Time Traveler’s Wife

Tickle, Phyllis.  The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why

McClaren, Brian.  Everything Must Change


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Affiliate Organizations

  • Office of Collegiate Ministries

  • Young Adult Volunteers Office

  • Mission Connections

  • Presbymergent

Other Websites

  • The Ooze

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media


Your local newspaper.

New sources such as CNN, NPR, BBC, The Huffington Post, etc.

Blogs (here are some we like)

God Complex Radio Show (Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt’s Radio Show)

Contact Information

  • Essie Buxton

Associate for Young Adult and National Volunteers

1-888-728-7228, ext. 5300

  • Meredith Kemp-Pappan

Administrative Assistant for Evangelism and Church Growth

1-888-728-7228, ext. 5088

  • Rev. Ryan Kemp-Pappan

Associate Minister for Spiritual Formation

Douglass Boulevard Christian Church

(502) 452-2629 ext. 14

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