Jesus the Cynic

This is one of the many reasons I love twitter. This conversation I was having with my favorite pastorofdisaster, Brian Merritt.

rk_p: Cynicism & passion are two sides of the same coin. One rooted in hurt, the other rooted in love. The Christ resides between, connecting.

Brianmerritt: So is all passion good?

rk_p: first thought is passion is neither good or bad. Passion is imbued with the intent of the holder of said passion.

brianmerritt: So do you think cynicism is always bad?

rk_p: I think cynicism is passion [formed] from hurt. This hurt can be many things. I do think Jesus loved creation as a cynic. I think that because Jesus loved creation as a cynic it was possible for creation to be reconciled. There is reconciliation, when cynicism is nurtured towards passion, through loving the hurt in others. That is what Jesus the Christ did.

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