Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine!

These days I feel like Phenylketonurics! I have no idea what Phenylketonurics is. It took me [seriously] 3 minutes to type this word.  I have no desire to look it up, research it, or even care to know what it is.  I saw it on the side of my Coke Zero.  BTW, Coke Zero is the bestest ever.  Why do I saw I feel like Phenylketonurics?

I feel disconnected from a world I had invested much time in before, this blog. I used to blog a lot.  I have averaged 23 posts per month for the last 5 years. I have maintained several blogs over the years. At one time I maintained 8 blogs at one time.  I grant you that being a seminarian with avoidance disorder lends to a lot of blogging. Now I have a full time job with a partner, and a body to sculpt so I do not have much time to write. 

I have many ideas and hopes for this blog.  I tried to give it up this past January of February and could not.  I tried to do vlogs and did it for a while. The investment required to do them is greater than the allowance I have for the blog.

So again WTF Phenylketonurics? Phenylketonurics or my encounter with it is much like my life these days.  Phenylketonurics looks intimidating without the knowledge of what it is. I bet is it something makes the soda product last longer on the shelve. Being the last ingredient and all.  I am something that contains something else.  I feel as if I am spinning my wheels with no real traction in any community.  

I find it difficult to sleep at night with all the things I think about.  I have a lot I want to say with no way of how to say it. I could rock the elementary vomiting of words.  I am just not too excited by this. I have hopes of becoming a better writer and share this gift with the world.  Perhaps it is not my time to write badass stuff.  In my heart I want to be Christianity’s version of Chuck X [Palahniuk and Klosterman] with a spot of Pablo Neruda.

I dream of the stories I want to rite and share. Maybe that is what I will do. YES!

I am going to use this space to share short stories I have written and shall write.


I HEART STORIES. I fear that if I really let myself go and share these stories that I will be discovered the fraud I really am. I am just Phenylketonurics that contains Phenylalanine. BTW, I did break down and discovered WTF Phenylalanine is. Click here for results.  Why would anyone drink Coke Zero now? Just saying…

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