Christian Hardcore

I love me some HARDCORE music. I have been into Hardcore for the last 17 years.  I remember my first Hardcore album. It was Bad Brains “Rock For  Light.”  It changed my life.  I was into the standard fair of Minor Threat, & Black Flag the holy trinity of Hardcore.  Then I discovered 7 Seconds, Jerry’s Kids, & Sick of it All.  I got really into the Straight Edge scene.  Although I was never really “sXe”…I smoked cigarettes on the DL.

Judge, Slapshot,Youth of Today, Judge, Bold, & Gorilla Biscuits.  Earth Crisis, Strife, Excessive Force, 1134, Chain of Strength.  I loved me some Hardcore!  I would go to shows and “dance.”  I still listen to Hardcore when I work out.  I love Hardcore.  Hardcore has formed, destroyed, and reformed my understanding of the world around me.  Thus, it has had a lasting affect upon my understanding of the Divine.  When I was in seminary I began a project about Hardcore music and the folks that live in it, by it, and with it.  The folks of Hardcore music express a theology within their music and I am working on a guide to that theology.

I have been working on this project I have called, “The Theology of Hardcore.” I ran across this. It is a great example of what is out there in the way of evangelical, hardcore christian music. I have not come across much progressive christian voice in the hardcore scene.

Give this one a listen and read the words. Share with me what you think the theology may be that inspired the message offered in this song.

4 thoughts on “Christian Hardcore

  1. Bob Pearson says:

    Interesting mix of prophetic messages, call to a reformed life, resistance to the dominant culture, but wrapped up in a very disturbing style and way to express these ideas through this music genre.
    I guess my overall reaction is this is disturbing as it is combined here. Counter cultural but embedded in a specific cultural context.

  2. While I enjoy the hardcore sound, I’m not sure how effectively it conveys the Gospel message in the absence of translation/subtitles. It’s a bit like one of my personal hardcore faves, which you can check out here at a live concert in Philly:

    It’s…intense. As content, it has…intensity.

    That’s not to say it has no place in the Christian’s musical vocabulary.

    Where the hardcore sound works theologically is in articulating defiance against injustice and a expressing a deep awareness of the brokenness of our culture. These are good things.

  3. Danno says:

    I don’t know if I’d ever consider Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag, 7 Seconds, Jerry’s Kids, or Sick of it All to be hardcore. Advent, yeah. But the others? I dont know about that.

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