Praying for a laughing hate

Beloved God,

If I had a drum set I would use it to pray this prayer using “Micky.”

I pray for the strength to laugh at myself, even when I feel I am not very funny.

I pray for the ability to smile with tears in my eyes.

I pray for the courage to love those that I burn with jealousy for.

I pray that peace belong to those I “hate” [cause hate is too strong of a word, but love it not what I want to offer] 

I pray that this human shell shed its human tendencies. I am not too sure this is what I want I mostly want to get a bit of that peace I asked for those I “hate.”

I pray for confidence that I am called to something and that institution is not the place I am to receive love.

I pray for relationships that are uplifting when I am sinking and that sinking when I am too uplifted.

I pray for assurance that popularity and applause are not markers of call and that the grass is not greener on the other side.

I pray that I can enjoy today for its beauty, joy, and promise of the great mystery to which you belong. 

In the name of peace that whispers God…Amen

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