Our SBC adventure














The other day [I think it was Tuesday night] Mere, “Shelby” [a good friend] & I went to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe for dinner.  “Shelby” is visiting us from Texas.  We wanted to show “Shelby” the funk that Louisville has to offer.  Neither Mere or I had been to Lynn’s in the year we have lived here.

So away we go…

We were meet with all sort of funky stuff in the parking lot and a toy store which greets us all with hats, glasses, and assorted Chinese ketch.  We we sat with great ease and then our drinks offered.

We began a conversation about progressive Christianity and where the “church” can exclude, hurt, and damage folks with doctrine and teachings that are counter to the all encompassing love of God.

“Shelby” and I are recovering fundamentalists.  “She

lby” of the SBC variety and I from the non-denominational, pentecostal, evangelical brand.  We shared how the past religious indoctrination still hunts us and batters our faith today.  We shared the beauty and grace we found in mainline faith traditions that had room in there for different and questioning faith seekers.

When “Shelby” smiles as table after table of white old men in polo shirts and chinos being escorted by their blond haired made up wives followed by the younger polo clad young men were being sat.  We were soon in a sea of SBC goodness.  We sort of smiled and kept talking.

I tried to listen in to a conversation or two with no success.  Just a bunch of folks eating something fried with mac’n cheese washed down with sweet tea.  The occasional mobile phone to the ear and wipe of the mouth ensued.  I was sort of disappointed the this SBC beast did not have the expected wings or multiple heads.

We left and had a bit of fun in the gift shop and toured the city with stops at both seminaries and Bellarmine University.

sbcgraphittiThe above is a message in the men’s restroom at Lynn’s.  I think it says, “Dog tits rule!”  Someone needs to watch “The Truth About Cats & Dogs.”  “You can love your pets but do not looove your pets.”  This is another example of the perversion that will follow if Gay Marriage is allowed to happen.

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