Wandering Wondering

In the beginning all sorts of stuff was created.

I wonder if there is any creativity left.

Just as I wonder aloud I hear the ponderous thoughts of a 6 year old.

God grant me rest so that I may think like a 6 year old.


In the midst of a flood there was hope for tomorrow.

I wonder where hope went when I grew up.

Then I speak to a cancer survivor blessing your name for today.

God grant me hope so that tomorrow does not invade today.


In the garden there was plenty to eat.

I wonder where that garden is now I know plenty of people that could use a bite to eat.

I am not hungry and have food to eat.

God grant me the peace and discomfort to feed the hungry and cloth the naked.


In the temple you grew weary and turned over the tables of thieves.

I wonder what tables you would turn over in my life.

I hide my treasure not want to lose it.

God grant me vision to see the corruption of my ways.


In the night of your betrayal you begged some to remain awake.

I wonder where your companions are now.

I would like to think I would have stayed awake.

God grant me the rest my body needs that my mind will not allow it.


In this moment you are here, you are there…

I wonder why your face eludes my eyes.

I pray that your faces shall meet and I not turn away.

I dare to hope that I may withstand your glory for but a moment.

God grant me peace, compassion, and space to be who you called me to be.


In your glory I seek.

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