You do when I don’t

God, grant me the courage to utter your name with authority. So that I may lead your people towards the margins and into justice, peace, intamacy, and hope. 

You provide your beloved creation with a better way, conceal our hearts from each other that we may move towards the blinding light of your love this day…the eight day…for the sheer ecstasy of being near you in each other. 

Take the little we offer and weave it into your awesome ways so that we may humble ourselves and glorify your name.

Let us believe in you if but for a moment that we may carry on the good work of your beloved, the Christ. Let us labor in your fields absent of the talents gained by others, but focused upon the work at hand with joy in out hearts and smiles on our faces.

In your peace, with your grace, and through the Spirit of the Holy of Holies, your beloved Holy One, the Christ Jesus…Amen

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