Something that bothers me a lot…

People that claim “I’m Christian” as if it is a shield against any moral irregularity. As to say “I’m Christian” means they can do no wrong.  I know plenty of Christians that do wicked shit.


Does anyone truly fit the bill of a Christian?  To me being Christian is to be “Christ-like” to be “Christ-like” implies that you are like Christ.  Christ was divine & human.  Christ performed miracles and healed the sick.  Christ restored the broken to wholeness.  Christ was selfless and humble.  Christ was able to command the elements.  Christ challenged the status quo and offered another way to liberation.  Christ died and rose again.  Christ was badass.


So to be a Christian I need to exhibit some “Christ-like” qualities.  I am not humble.  I am not deeply compassionate [I have compassion but would quickly trade it for an iPhone or the Dodgers winning the World Series].  I have never healed anyone.  I have nothing near the completion of a miracle [Maybe the fact Mere married me is a miracle].  I am not divine.  I am barely human.  I have never restored anyone’s brokenness [I would like to think I had a hand in tending to ones brokenness].  I cannot control the elements [I do have air conditioning in my office].  I succumb to the status quo in mind numbing fashion.  I have no idea where the path of liberation begins or ends, let alone can I guide anyone to it.  I will surely die and I am not returning in three days.  I am a badass.


I got one quality…maybe half of another [I am barley human] quality of Christ.  So I will try to tread lightly here.  I reserve the right to live in to my finite understanding and xpress it as the tragic creation I find myself to be.  I am not a Christian.


I try really hard to be “good.”  I try even harder to be right with God.  I do my best to serve God and answer the will of God in my life.  Most of the time I have no clue as to what God is saying to me or what the hell God wants me to do.


One my best day I am the Splenda of Christ-likeness in a world that seems to be full of real cane sugar Christians.  I do not match up and measure short of the glory of God.  I am bothered by others that claim to have mastered the way to be Christ-like and offer this formula to the masses with a smile and a piece of fruit.


I am not a Christian because of what I do at all.  I am Christian because God first did.  God did not to me, but to ALL.  God continues to do whatever God did in the beginning.  I grow weary of supreme moral ideals that are a product of finite understanding.


Take this fella that killed Dr. Tiller, he was a Christian and he murdered someone.  Is the murder committed in the name of God not wrong?  The KKK believes in God does this preclude them from wrongdoing?  There are fundamentalist factions in most religions that would “protect” Godly virtue in the name of their God. Does this brand their actions as moral?  There are progressive factions in most religions that would guard their understanding as the high moral order of the day.  I shamelessly claim the latter and detest the former. 


I wonder when all is said and done if any of us shall come out on top.  I bet the song we sing in heaven is nothing like a Christian version of “I’m a Pepper.”  Rather the heavenly chorus proclaims, “Glory. Glory. Glory.”  When faced with the glory of God does anyone dare claim a place among all that glory?

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