Shoot’em Up Jesus

Seriously WTF? Below is a local congregations notice for an “Open Carry Celebration.” It has been advertised all over the place. You get to walk around at this picnic with a holstered, unloaded gun as you buy a raffle ticket for a handgun give away. What does this say about this communities understanding of God?

I am pleased that this ad touts the event as a celebration of the first & second amendment rights. Why can’t we celebrate all of the Bill of Rights? I wonder if this community would support the equal rights to same-sex partners. So you will protect my right to carry a gun and practice a narrow religion but you will not protect the rights for all to unify in love and peace. I have a problem with the exclusive support of certain rights of others and the exclusion of some citizens in those rights.


So is Jesus up in there cleaning his rifle? I have a BIG problem with this flyer! It is billing the event as a church service. To me this means worship. Who the phuck worships with a weapon on their side? This flyer is an abomination to the Sermon on the Mount!!! They would not dare hold that this reactionary event [an over reaction to the perceived threat from Obama to gun ownership & those that challenge the religious freedom of all in demanding equal rights to all] is an abomination. Those that hold this event are in the chosen, the elect and I and others like me are on the outside.



This is another example of why the conversation between religious “right” and religious “left” is difficult. Both sides hold a truth in opposition to each other. I cannot speak to someone that holds my faith as invalid or a person that holds that I am inferiorly reading the scriptures. There is no room for conversation when I am personally attacked by the mongering attitude that demands an utter black & white as it fails to embrace the mystery and complexity of Gods creative power.

I just may show up with a pair of holstered squirt guns and ass-less chaps.

13 thoughts on “Shoot’em Up Jesus

  1. Let us all show up with holstered dildos sans batteries. With ass-less chaps and berets. I bet they will welcome us with open arms…sidearms that is.

  2. Bob Pearson says:

    Right on Ryan and Drew. This expression of personal rights vs the rights of others is so far off the Christian landscape IMHO that it is hard to call myself one of those Christian types.
    Confronting this seems wrong, but not confronting it seems wrong also.

    So, what is the loving, caring, do unto others response for progressive Christian to this abomination?

    1, Ignore it
    2. Blog about it
    3. send it to your friends
    4. Show up and ask WTF?
    5. protest it
    6. Try to call them out to others
    7. Raid their event with dildos and butt less chaps?
    8. Visit their church, sign up for classes, ask questions, stay engaged, stay calm, ask how their rights effect others rights, eat with them, care for them, pray for them, sacrifice for them, etc.
    9. So, in this case WTFWJD?


  3. These guys do come across as extreme! I reckon though that they are getting that way because they themselves are feeling marginalised by society. They have all kinds of imagined threats and are isolating themselves.

    Provocative activity in response to this kind of thing only serves to encourage more of it. Just lead by example and show compassion to them yourself. Quiet persistence in this way will eventually show them up for their own folly – eventually people in these groups will figure out how stupid they look.

  4. Sarah says:

    Ryan, the canned goods make up for the violence. Don’t you remember that Jesus said it was ok to shoot your poor neighbor as long as you fed them first?
    If you wear your ass-less chaps to this event where will you put your cans? 🙂

  5. This is awesome therapy!
    @Bob I like your suggestions. I am growing in my need to be less confrontational in that a$$holey flavor in many circles I have become know for. I love your #8. I do think the need for dialogue is present here. WTFWJD? indeed. I think Jesus would listen, understand, and then teach. I am not Jesus so I believe I am needing to do more of the listening and understanding.

    I do think showing up with ass-less chaps and holstered dildos would be brilliant.

    @Dan I have been thinking about your response for a bit. I like it. I do wonder why they feel threatened. I also wonder why God/Jesus/ Spirit is being used in this way. It makes me think it is a publicity stunt designed to get attention and cry out persecution. Too many folks want to be martyrs for something.

    @Sarah I would have a very fashionable recycled shopping bag around my shoulders to carry the cans of food to the event. Yes, you may imagine that …

  6. Jeni and I don’t have a gun, but we’ll likely get one for shooting range target shooting when we move back to the States. Maybe I’d show up and join in the fun. Instead of viewing this event as an example of why conversation is impossible between left and right, it might be possible to use at as a conversation starter. Sure, I don’t see any real reason to have a worship service like this, and I am pretty repulsed by the idea, but to show up and say, “Even some of us crazy liberals like our guns,” at least starts a dialogue of some sort.

  7. If you want to own guns it is your right. Why do they need to be a portion of worshiping God?

    I stated that “the conversation between religious “right” and religious “left” is difficult.” It is not impossible.

    I, in no way could witness this as a worship service. Do weapons have a place in worship? I would love to have a conversation between the “right” & the “left.” Not at a worship service that glorifies weapons.

    This is an attempt at publicity and a way to claim marginalization in the face of a tyrannous government. Where is the martyr of the poor? It is sad we make ourselves martyrs.

  8. Sorry about the difficult vs. impossible distinction.

    I went to the church’s website, and I don’t think they’re trying to “claim marginalization in the face of a tyrannous government,” as the open carry event flyer also includes the tag line: “Come celebrate our rights as Americans.” It’s a shame no one from New Bethel Church is part of the conversation here, I’d be interested to hear their voice.

  9. This is an open and affirming blog. The folks from New Bethel Church are invited to participate in the conversation here.

    I have no beef with them celebrating their rights as Americans. I support responsible gun ownership. I am against the worshipping portion of their event. To connect the church, worship, and weapons is no tov in my book.

    This event is rooted in the rumors that Obama is trying to reign in the gun control laws and limit peoples access to certain weapons and ammunition.

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