I’m just saying…

The other day I took a quiz on Facebook.  It matched me up with Patrick Swazye.  I got to looking at our photos and realized Pat and I look a lot alike!  We are like twins [if I did not already have a twin.]

Hear is a picture of Pat from my favorite Pat film, Roadhouse.



Notice the crossed arms and fabulous hair [I currently have no hair but if I grew it out it would look a lot like this badass feathered mullet!]  I too am a loner and a professional. I certainly love like there is no tomorrow. I am a bit sad that the dancing is over but am looking forward to getting dirty!


Here is a picture of me…


Like I said we are all twinsies and shit!  Notice the crossed arms and stern but elegant look.  It say I could beat the living shit out of you but I won’t cause I have a higher calling to serve this world in peace and love absent destruction and anger.  I am controlled and fear only losing sight of my call in life.  I am wearing a hat so the badass feathered mullet is a no go here, but I am working on it. I am also not wearing a watch but I think my tattoos more than make up the cool factor on Pat.


Here is another pic of Pat…


The resemblance is uncanny!  I am “True Entertainment!”  I diverge in the “corrupt and violent area, unless you read me through the fallen and irredeemable filter.  Then I am just as corrupt and violent as the next ragtag yahoo on this rock.  I am certainly laying claim to the “sexy” part.  I may not rock a pair of Jordache like Pat, but I do my natural best to fill out my American Eagle jeans.  

You be the judge…are Pat and I all twinsies and shit?  It is in your hands America [I say America to introduce the idea that this blog is read by more than the handful of faithful readers that read this to make sure I have not flipped my lid and gone over the deep end.  I assure you that this day I am indeed quite sane.]

5 thoughts on “I’m just saying…

  1. What’s up with that America crack? From these comments it looks like your audience has a more international flavour. (note the ‘u’). By the way, could you label the pics more clearly? I can’t tell which is you and which is Mr Swayze.

  2. Matt, I am sorry I did not clearly identify Pat and I. It confuses me as well. I always preferred flavour to flavor…but I like flava far better.

  3. Essie says:

    You and Pat ARE twinsies…and shit. This would also make you twinsies with the Hoff, but not the famous one. The other one.

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