Who Speaks For Planet Earth?

I love to run! It has become one of my new spiritual disciplines for Lent.  Tonight I ran 5 miles in 62 minutes. A personal best. While I ran I listened to this album.

The other being remembrance. I try to intentionally remember back into my childhood.  Lately I  have been blessed with memories of old high school friends.  I was recently reminded of my first “real” concert. I say real concert differentiating from the backyard bashes I used to bounce with the motliest bunch of yahoos this side of McHales navy. I saw The Cult & Lenny Kravitz play at the Universal Ampatheater. It was amazing!

Walking in to a cloud of thick illegal smoke to find our seats. We rocked out to “She Sells Sanctuary.” We left and got Tommy Burger late at night and devoured it like hungry pigs eatting slop.

I enjoy remembering my past. The best part was to remeber Jenn & Heather. They were with Doug and I that night. Jenn later died in a tragic mudslide in Hawaii, along with Sarah.

This tragedy hit many of us hard. Her mother called me to tell me she had died. It was one of the most difficult conversations I have ever had. I can hear her mothers broken voice offer, “Sarah is dead.” It came from her mouth but not her heart. It flowed from her lips but it dare not carees her. It broke my heart. She thanked me for my friendship with Sarah and hung up the phone.

I cried. I smoked a pack of cigarettes. I prayed. I wept. I demanded answers. Today I remember.

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