Today if I ask myself “WTFWJD” my answer would be, “Jesus would stop pussy footing around on the loving of neighbor and feed 5,000.”

So I wonder, as we look to the hills from which our help shall come we hold on tighter to that which we have.

I find it difficult to live out a life that emulates the Gospels call to radical love and compassion.

Imagine if faith communities everywhere planted gardens on their property and held feasts to feed the masses.

Imagine if faith communities ceased worrying about the future and cared for and loved as many as today would bring.

Imagine if faith communities went to restaurants and quietly paid 30% tip.

Imagine if faith communities became relational and reached out into their community to walk with, pray for, and be near the suffering, the strife, the hurt, the joy…the people.

Now imagine the Body of Christ strengthening those that hurt where they be, absent checklists and expectations.

Imagine if we answered the call to be radical dispensers of love, compassion, and actually loved kindness as we walked humbly with God.

If you can imagine this I say you can imagine the “Kendom of God.”  If we can imagine this we can live this.

Bountiful, mercy-loving God,

By the grace of Christ stir in us a will to do your works to all.  Grant us courage to arise and run towards economic woes, the fear of brokenness, the pain of loss, & the joy of reconciliation.  So that we may be vessels of grace and incarnations of the love of Jesus the Christ.  Open our hearts, our minds, our will, our lives to all that is hidden from sin and exposed in Christ’s victory of death.  Create in us a clean heart and renew a right Spirit inside us.  Grant us communities of tongues of fire, homes of open peace, works or glorious healing, as we draw near you in the relationships we uphold with each other.

We as this in the unifying, peace-making, restoring, compassionate, conquering name of Jesus the Christ.


2 thoughts on “WTFWJD?

  1. Good stuff man! The pastor and I were talking about trying to fashion and kind of local ONE campaign. This may fit right into that. I will let you know how it goes and I will share this with him.


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