Little Voices

One of my favorite things at The Frontier [my office] is that we have a preschool. I get to work within ear shoot of little voices. I am blessed to hear little voices hold important conversations.

I hear little voices inquire, “will you be my friend” rattled around as if they were trading on the NYSE.

I hear little voices honestly utter, “I’m scared” as the little voice seeks comfort in a big world.

I hear giggles of joy flood the air in play as the little voices learn to be little people in this daunting world.

I get great joy from hearing these little voices. I sit in my office with my window open so the little voices penetrate the darkness of my adult soul. I see ministry in a new way with every little voice.

I have come to accept these little voices as prayers. With every little voice that enters my life I remember the call to minister to the margins that God has placed on my life. When I look at the failing economy I listen to the little voices in play, realizing that there is a bigger picture of who, what, where at play here in the “real” world.

Little voices echo the delight of God in creation. As our creator plays in the midst of sorrow and joy, war and peace I am convicted it is that we no longer speak in our little voice, that distance looms between Creator and creation.

Today I am thankful for the little voices playing outside and for the healing work performed by the little voice of God offered in prayer to us all by the little voices. I pray you may encounter a little voice this day.

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