I am back

Que pasa, La Raza del Fiesta!?!

I am a nasty, dirty liar. 29 days ago I posted I was out of the blogging business for the 2009 year.  Then I went to Austin Seminary this past week for mid-winter lectures.  There I spoke to the Michael Jinkins.  Michael is a mentor and has guided me through may difficult moments in my faith.

In a conversation with him I told him I was out of the blogging business for 2009.  He told me I had better get back in by March of this year.  He has included this here blog in his new book.

pcusaSo I am back to blogging here and hope to update a few times a week.  I am also wrangling me wife, Mere, to post here as well. Her inclusion here will raise the overall quality of writing and reduce the long suffering of any long time reader.

So I will be posting again. I have a few pieces that I have been working on since December and will polish these bad boys on up then plaster them up on the site. I will post some from Mere soon as well.

I will also open the site up for others to post on topics I suggest. When I post a question or topic send your responses to thefetteredheart[dot]com and I will include them here as part of the growing content.

Palabra tu madre! La Raza de Fiesta!

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