Calling all Twitterlogians!

Last night in a shot of brilliance or in a mood of exhaustion I entertained the idea of becoming a Twitterlogian.  A Twitterlogian explores theology in bursts of 140 characters or less.  This action is inspired by the Twitter of Faith[check it out on Facebook] explosion created by Adam and Shawn.


Thus I created a few twitter bits as foundation of a twitterology and to introduce some of my favorite theologians to the twitterverse.


I have set up an account to explore the theological styling of one of my favorite ancients, Augustine of Hippo .


I set one up a twitter account to inspire “The Courage to Be” with my man Paul Tillich.


I have one for everyone favorite golden tongued preacher of yore, John Chrysostom .


Then there is one for my favorite of the desert fathers, Gregory of Nazianzus .


Then there is my homeboy and fellow resident of Kentucky and lover of the contemplative life, Thomas Merton.


I endeavor to update these accounts with wisdom and words from their writings and hope to enter into conversation with them regarding the way and manner to which the Spirit spoke/speaks to them and this world.  I also hope to compile a list of other Twitterlogians that may be out there or may be birthed in the days to come.  I encourage you to pick up the works of your favorite theologians and enter them into the twitterverse and welcome them to the Twitterlogian conversation.

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