The Fettered Heart in 2009


I am going to revamp this site for 2009.  I am going to turn this site in to a community of ideas and thoughts centered around the question, “What is the church, where is the church, why is the church, how is the church?” and “So what?”

I am recruiting a variety of authors, laity, ministers, students, baristas, office clerks, and you to  explore the theology of emerging mission in the US.

It is my hope that we can constructively inspire conversation that builds religious literacy in all generations as we deepen the faith of America.

I hope that we may escape denominational, cultural, economic, social, ecumenical, and emotional barriers to be in responsible, intimacy to each other as we journey together towards a faith seeking understanding.

Please be on the look out for the new “The Fettered Heart.”  If you would like to contribute please email me at “thefetteredheart@gmail[dot]com to become a contributing member to this community.  All are welcome to this community.

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