I hate Spelling!

I hate spelling.  I do not spell well most of the time.  It is an arduous task for me to spell all words correctly.  I find myself bound to spell check most of the time.  “Why not buckle down and bust arse to learn the proper age old art of spelling?”  I have tried to better my grammar and spelling abilities.


I will share it is a product of a family that did not emphasize education and being part of a second class religious education that was more concerned with my ability to recite scripture than to actually become equipped to function in this world.  At least they lived out their theology in a direct way.  Their eschatology was top notch [a nod to my favorite car-broiled burger joint in Austin!].  Not to mention that I scraped by in the LAUSD.


In primary school while most children are blessed with a firm foundation of educational building blocks I was wrestling with my mortality in Bible classes.  I also was subject to hyperactivity in a system that labeled me to be “special” and sent me outside to play rather than invest in me to help me learn the basics.


We would have Spelling Bees and if you spelled your word wrong you were sent out of the room to go and play.  I almost always spelled my word incorrectly on purpose so I could rule the school yards Tether Ball courts.  Not very practical in gaining the basics of spelling and a key to a world of knowledge.  It did help me in my quest to own the courts.


In seminary I got a lot of help and managed to strengthen a weak base with the skills labs offered at Austin Seminary.  I like to think of myself as a testament to an individuals will to answer a call on their life.  I just wish I had a better grasp of the Engrish language.


Changing the subject…

I saw a commercial for minimally invasive surgery.  The kind of surgery that gets you in and gets you out.  Has the church become like this?  Are we a minimally invasive people?  Do we practice a minimally invasive faith?  I wonder…


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