Hope, Change: What now?

I am beside myself with joy right now.  I am looking at an African-America president-elect!  I pray that America will harness this moment in history to really change.  America, this is our chance to change the mistakes of our ancestors.  We have an opportunity to do it differently, perhaps better?

Yes, we can!  We are a community of many communities that seek to be good.  May we be imbued with a glorious desire to love kindness, walk humbly, and do justice.

I pray the America churches look to the Spirit that has emerged from this election.  We must embrace a diverse and broad stroke of what church is in this changing world.  If we are to remain a prophetic and transforming voice, we must let go of tradition and ritual and allow the Creator of all to transform us all.

We have no promise of what tomorrow looks like.  We have the promise that tomorrow will be better.  May God draw us all closer together to the divine kindness and love that dwells in us all.

Let us not forget where we came from and whence we shall return. There is a difficult task at hand.  The work is much and the laborers are few.  Let us gather together and begin this work, together.

Blessings and peace to you all.

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