I sit awake…

I am sweating and unable to sleep.  I worry…it is not the normal finatude…not my inability to hold peace…it is not hurt or destruction in this world that keep me awake.

I wonder.  I wonder if Christian Hope, the very fabric of “moral” Christian teaching is a stumblilng block to the reality of salvation.

If we live in a manner as to embrace “just” living for the sake of a better tomorrow does this imped a truly intamate relationship with Jesus the Christ.  In other words, does ones embrace of Christian Hope serve to cloud the deepth one may recieve if Christian Hope were not present?

I wonder what my faith life would look like if I really lived out a lofe of faith that included service and life absent a concern with a Hope based in a better tomorrow.

So I ask, Does Christian Hope get in the way of salvation?

One thought on “I sit awake…

  1. Cris says:

    Well… I know it could be a bit unbelievable… but it’s true.
    Christian Hope get in the way of salvation.
    It’s just about trusting God, believing there is a reason why EVERYTHING happens.
    I know, I know it’s hard at times to keep your faith strong, but, with a little help from above, we can do whatever 🙂

    xox from Rome, Italy.

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