Prop 8

On November 04 California will vote on Proposition 8.  Prop 8 is know as The California Marriage Protection Act. If you picked up a ballot you would read Prop. 8 as “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry.”  If passed it will eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the State of California as it denies them full inclusion into secular society.

I do not get the argument for it here.  I support your rights to have freedom of religion as long as it does not impede the rights of others.  Marriage is a secular and religious rite.  As a secular institution marriage seeks to formalize and instruct the rights of the parties involved in the pact of marriage as a partnership.  It is in no way a religious ceremony at that level.  The religiosity portion arrives as the ceremony is blessed and recognized as legitimate in the eyes of a particular religious community.

In California those that argue a religious morality should not be allowed to fray the segregation of church and state.  A vote for Prop. 8 is a vote to demolish the separation between church and state and a move towards a theocracy.  A vote against Prop. 8 is a vote to keep the total rights of all citizens regardless of their political, religious, or other bend.

We claim provision from God only when it suits us.  Jesus was not a politician.  Jesus was a revolutionary.  There is not map of organization of communities outside of utter service and what we would call socialism.  I think we have it all wrong.  Christians today are lazy, inconsistent, and lame.  And we wonder where our relevancy has gone.  Would you want to be a part of a community that preacher transformation and lived out exclusivity?

I do not.  What about you?

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