Bumper Stickers, gods & politicking

This morning I was on my way out of the Y and saw a mini van with three bumper stickers on it.

The first one was the standard McCain 08. Then next one was a local politician running for office. I am not too sure of what the name was. It is most likely a fella and he would be older and white. The third was different. It read “Sarah!” and in little type underneath read McCain/Palin 08.

I pondered the scene. I wondered who owned this mini van. I imagined a middle aged woman that works over at the community college behind the YMCA. She has a decent job but struggles to get by. She has grown up in Louisville and its surrounding communities, never venturing farther than that trip in her youth to Knoxville. She is a mother of three, and her husband now works at Jiffy Lube after being layed off from his manufacturing job due to economic slow down.

They attend church and are active and friendly. They are pro-life, and would love to home school the kids. She yearns for a better way, a better life. A life absent of economic hardships. A life where God and country are first.

I imagine what she hopes for and what is important to her. I wonder if her regrets spawn a defensive posture when she is faced with the other. I wonder why she identifies with “Sarah” so much. She is supporting “Sarah” not McCain.

Rewind a few months ago and McCain seemed dead in the water. He was sinking fast and the GOP offers up Sarah Palin. Why?

It seems that “Sarah” strikes a cord with many women in this nation. I must point out that for every pro-Palin supporter there is about three con-Palin opposers. Who are the women that support her and the positions she holds?

How can one be Pro-life and Pro-Death Penalty?

How can one be a “Bible-believing Christian” and affirm the increased consumption of any natural resource?

I wrestle with folks that support the McCain/Palin ticket. I cannot understand why it is bad to redistribute wealth to those less fortunate than others. If that not what Jesus called us to do in the Gospel?

I wrestle with folks that demand a larger piece of pie when others have none. This AM McCain promised, in a speech in Florida, that if he was elected he would ensure that the pie got bigger and that more Americans would get wealthier!

I think of my father who is my hero. I love him and respect him with all of my heart. He supports McCain/Palin. I am sure it is not for the same reasons as my imaginary mini van mom. He is a loving father, a humble, God-fearing man that cares deeply about his family and this country. He is deeply connected to the GOP. He shaped me to be the man I am these days.

We disagree on how this nation needs to be and what it needs to do to get there. We agree on the need for change and the utter heartache that these days have offered to its people. He fears Obama and the radicalness of his policies. To him Obama is too close to the hated enemy of Socialism. Obama is not all relatable and inspiring to him. He thinks Obama is a good man. He will not support him.

I inquired about Sarah Palin…there is not much to say. His vote for McCain is a vote for the more familiar, not a vote for Country First. I look at my father and he reminds me of my mini van mom in a few ways; fear, uncertainty, loyalty, and trepidation impede both towards taking that radical step towards utter social upheaval and the embracing of Obama.

I fear that just as in the church we find many that are unable to embrace the radical call to justice, humility, and compassion we are offered from Jesus Christ. That we will find folks unwilling or unable to embrace the message of change and stewardship in community that Obama offers in this election.

Are we as a nation ready to walk the path towards conservation and cease the manifest destiny pact we built this proud nation upon? Perhaps some are more ready than others. All I know is that this aggression will not stand.

So I offer a bumper sticker…It says, “God is not silent, nor owned. God is not yours, ours, or mine. God is love and God loves all.”

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