Clergy for Obama

Folks, I do not consider myself overly political at all.  I am passionate and often fumle with words as my emotions rise in response the world around me.  The current race to the White House has me terrified.  I watch the debates and interviews.  I read the articles and bear witness to the attacks ads.  I am bothered deeply by what is happening to our nation.

It seems that “We the People” is expendable.  We do ot matter outside of exercising our vote to bring power to another regiem.  I am reminded of my time in Kenya.  When elections rolled around the politicians would ull truck loads of beer and food to the mosr remote of regions to show they cared.  Otherwise neglecting the people and working to hord as much wealth as they could whule they had access to the golden calf of government.

The people suffer.  The future bleeds into fear and hope fades.  Sisters and brothers, where does our hope lie?

I have joined Clergy for Obama in response to what is going on in our nation.  I am working on a piece on “Why I suport Obama” for the site now.  I wanted to offer here a few things.

A prayer for the nation:

I pray that we as a nation will stop fearing each other and be community with each other.  With much Christian rhetoric fanning the flames of injustice in this nation it is my hope that justice, compassion, and humility return to our hearts replacing the certainty of truth [ownership of said truth].

I also offer a great site of political cartoons.

It is worth your time to visit Zina’s site above and gander at a few of here toons.  They are interesting…I would love to comissioner her to do some work with some ideas I have on the “church.”

I pray for the canidates and this nation that we are filled with compassion, humility, and kindness.  We are set for a bumpy ride in the days to come.

Whispering God, the one who calms the rough waters of life as we sail towards the harbor of your peace. Grant us wisdom to discern the places to drop net and anchor, as we work to do your will. Fill our nets with the bounty of your good please and secure our anchors to the rock of Jesus the Christ. It is in the transforming name of Jesus Christ we offer this prayer. Amen

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