In the Secret

            I love to worship.  I am not saying that I love to sing.  In fact I am not a big fan of singing, unless it involves late lights and dank smoky karaoke bars surrounded by travelers and middle-aged men sulking and pinning as they recover their youth. 

            I do love worship.  I love to listen to great music.  My ears indulge in great lyrics and my heart rejoices at melodies that draw me closer to God.

            Tonight at the vespers service at Douglass Blvd Christian Church, where I am Minister of Christian Education, we sang the song “In the Secret.”  We used to sing this song in worship when I was in California.  I had forgotten how powerful these lyrics are to me.

            I sat there in the vespers transported to a not so far away place.  It seemed distant and foreign.  Yet as I walked deeper into this place I became more comfortable…with every step my guard dropped and my heart warmed.  I entered yesterday and for a moment I saw my grandmother’s face.  I saw old friends with rekindled relationships.  I felt their love, their warmth.  This is what warmed me.

            In the vespers we were asked to meditate on “What makes us a house of worship for God.”  As I pondered this we sang this some and I went to this place…the Spirit came upon me.  My answer rose out of the darkness and proclaimed, “You are a house of worship for me because you have relationships, relationships with me, your creator and relationships with creation, your family.” 

            In the secret, quiet place, in that stillness God is there.  I we seek to know God more, as we listen to Gods voice, as we search for face of God, as we hunger to touch God we discover relationships.  It is those relationships that draw us closer to God.  It is those relationships that reveal the love of God.  It is in those relationships that the secret, quiet place is illuminated with the glory of God.

            Here we are one with God.  Here we are one.  Here we are.  Here we…HERE.

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