Quotes from the Dirt Farm

A conversation with my brother [let’s call him, Punker than You (PTY).

PTY: Dude.  I just got home [approximately 5:00 pm P.S.T.] Dude, I went to the Mika Mico show last night.

Me: Word! Was it a good show?

PTY: It was amazing! We hung out after the show until four in the morning.  I also ate a chorizo taco. [PTY has been vegan/vegitarian for sometime and gets sick everytime he eats meat.]

Me: If I eat chorizo I get sick.  You got what you deserve.  I no longer hang out late in the night. [I am surfing the net and looking up my neighborhood on Wikipedia] I think the latest I have been up was one in the morning and that was for the USC/OSU game.

PTY: I got the bassists phone number.

Me: [I look up Mika Mico on wiki] Ok, they are all women?  Hmmm, the bassist, which one is she?

PTY: She is the hot one that plays bass.

Me: I got that.  [Returning to my neighborhood search.]

We live across from a catholic school.  Hey there is an all-girls catholic school?!?

PTY: Sweet.  Catholic!  School girls! Rule!  Catholic School Girls rule!

ME: Guess what their mascot is? [I have an obsession with mascots and school colors.  I am trying to memorize all of the D1 schools.  I also search the Max-prep site to research HS mascots.]

PTY: Their mascot is me!

Me: No.  That is funny.  The mascot is the rockets.

PTY: Are you sure it is not me.  It should be…

Me: Nope, it is the rockets.  I wonder how an all-girls catholic high school gets the mascot of rockets.  I bet there is a great story there.

PTY: I got to go get dinner.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Me: Later…

The moral to the story is never eat chorizo after a night of drinking. As the seasons of your life changes so does the soil you grow in.

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